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Will of the Gods

There was a moment of stunned silence that followed Clark and Fauna’s debriefing. The key members of the rebellion stood in the sitting room, gathered around the seated couple, whose facial expressions were a mix of pride and worry.

Alexander was the first to speak. “You two killed Bartholomew? The freakin’ leader of the Guardian Angels?”

Yeah,” Clark challenged, reaching for Fauna’s hand. “Is that a bad thing or do you all just not believe Faun and I are capable of such awesomeness?”

There was a pause, not quite as lengthy as the moment had been. All of the pride fell from Clark’s face.

No, it’s not that,” Julian interjected. “Bartholomew was a major player and having him out of the picture is beneficial, except...” Julian and Abel’s eyes met over Cara’s head.

Except what?” Fauna asked.

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