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Disciplinary Action 2: Reprimanded

By Delilah Fawkes

The click clack of heels behind her sent a shiver down Leigh’s spine. She knew that crisp walk anywhere.

Leigh! I need you with me upstairs. Now.”

Ms. Blake’s hand closed around her shoulder, her black lacquered nails digging into Leigh’s skin through her thin blouse. Leigh looked up, her eyes following the line of her boss’ skin tight button up over the curves of her breasts. She met Ms. Blake’s eyes and nodded. She knew better than to refuse.

Do I need to bring anything?”

Just yourself. Now come on. Our CEO doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

Leigh swallowed hard, and pushed her short blonde hair out of her eyes. “The CEO wants to see me?

Ms. Blake sighed, and pulled her by the arm. “I don’t pay you to think, Leigh. I pay you to do exactly as I say. Let’s go.”

Leigh left her purse under her desk and followed Ms. Blake, who she noticed was carrying a large tote bag. She had to jog to catch up with her long-legged pace, and caught up to her by the elevators.

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