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Life Was Just An Accident

Philip Donaghy

Copyright 2010 by Philip Donaghy

Smashwords Edition

Life was just an accident

by Philip Donaghy

with Andrea O’Donnell


In writing this book, I have had the chance to look back at my life and contact many people from my past. It has been a painful experience at times, for them as well as for me. Even the good times are sad because of what has happened to me. But I would say to people, don’t feel any pity for me. I have achieved more in my life so far than a lot of people with ten times my opportunities. I had a rough upbringing and an insecure life. I am insecure to this day. I was reared in a children’s home and then fostered out before ending my childhood in another children’s home. From the age of 11, I have been looking for my father, a man I never knew. Then, just when I was beginning to face my future as an adult, I had a car accident that left me paralysed. I have learned the hard way the value of life and this book describes what I have achieved, against the odds. I want my life to be an inspirational story for people who think they have been abandoned by their families and by life itself at times. I never had money in my life to help me achieve things. All I had was willpower and I have plenty of that. Willpower is like love; the more I use it, the more I have. It doesn’t matter if I am paralysed. Willpower, like love, makes no distinction.

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