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Be sober, be vigilant;

because your adversary the devil,

as a roaring lion, walketh about,

seeking whom he may devour.

1 Peter 5:8, KJV


Salem, Massachusetts

A tiny skid. A jerk. And the planchette skittered across the Ouija board, came to an abrupt stop and pointed to the word “Yes.”

Olivia Farnsworth took her fingers from the small piece of wood that rested on the board and gave Tiffani Adams a skeptical glance from slitted eyes. “You did that. You made it move.”

“No, I didn’t.” Tiffani’s face darkened.

“Yes, you did. Even in this dim light, I can tell you’re blushing. You always blush when you lie.”

Tiffani ducked her head. “All right. So I lied. So I moved it. So sue me.”

“See, I knew this was fake.” Olivia crossed her arms and tilted her head back to look down her nose at Tiffani. “I told you these things don’t work.”

“Yes, they do! I’ve seen them work.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Well, it’s true. Heather and Joannie and I play with Ouija boards a lot. It’s fun.” Tiffani leaned forward and lowered her voice. “And this board was Grandma Tessie’s. I found it at her beach cottage last weekend and sneaked it home in my backpack. Since Grandma Tessie did lots of stuff, read tea leaves, even did tarot cards, this is bound to be a good board.”

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