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Copyright 2011 by Nick Wisseman

Smashwords Edition

(“Smile” first appeared in The Cynic Online Magazine, volume 10, issue 10, October 2008 and Bewildering Stories, issue 335, May 2009 under the pen name Tom C. Underhill)


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Excerpt from “Permanence”

C’mon, Mom. This is ridiculous…Twenty-five minutes late and counting.

A reluctant sun peered out from the parting clouds, offering perhaps an hour of illumination in paltry compensation for an otherwise grim, gray day. Tammy tapped her feet to an erratic beat, her arms crossed sharply over her rumpled jersey.

She’s…beautiful. That blend of determination and depression on her face…So poignant.

What little traffic there was sped by her bench indifferently; she’d counted a grand total of eight cars in the last ten minutes. Her cleats dangled by her side, their laces joined by a bowknot that lay atop the seat’s armrest like a blooming white flower. As the sweat permeating her jersey began to chill, Tammy huddled further into herself and glanced at her watch.

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