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Math City


Ahmad Amani

Copyright 2011 Ahmad Amani

Smashwords Edition

Thank you for getting this book. A story from the Middle East. Thanks for Marsha B. Littlefield and Naser Hossini.

Author: Ahmad Amani


Editor: RLB Hartmann

Illustrator: Mehdi Anoshirvani


Chapter 1


This illustration shows the Lying Line. I know everything about the Lying Line, and I will tell you.

The Lying Line is a long line which lies on the ground and slithers on the floor, like a caterpillar. Many sharp points have grown on his body, like thorns on the stem of a rose flower. He uses these thorns to subtract something from someone. The Lying Line also plows the soil with his thorns as he crawls on the ground.

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