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Keesha had two problems - one was the flat tire that prevented her from going home. The other was the fact her jeep didn't have a jack. She'd checked everything else before she bought the vehicle at that used car lot a year ago, and now she was cursing her forgetfulness on that one, particular item. It didn't help that today of all days was cold, cold even for January.

Of all the days to get a blowout, thought Keesha as she reached inside her purse for her cell phone. Maybe Ken, her workout partner and best friend, would be able to help her. Then she could buy a new tire (not to mention a new jack), and be more careful the next time she bought a used vehicle, unless she could afford to purchase a new one.

She then found out she had three problems.

Her cellphone wasn't in her purse.

Fright ran through her brain, rampaging through her thoughts so badly it took several seconds, maybe even a full minute, to remember that her phone was on the home.

Keesha leaned up against the side of her jeep, rubbing her forehead. "This isn't my day today," she said as the traffic zoomed by her. No one even slowed down to see if she needed help. Maybe it was the fact that nowadays helping a stranger could lead to the discovery that the stranger was in reality a fugitive from the Law, or perhaps the old theory of the more technologically advanced society becomes, the more distant individuals grow from one another. Then again, it could be she just simply looked intimidating. Elephants were large creatures, and she was no exception since she stood at six feet, four inches. She was also far from slender thanks to her obsession with bodybuilding. Keesha had larger arms than most men her height, but in this situation she simply could not find any pride in her size.

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