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The Wary Heart

Jan Carron loves her sister, Chris, and her twins. She is also indebted to her, so it is an easy decision to agree to stay at Shamlee, their Scottish farm, to care for the children while Chris accompanies Tom on his six months lecture tour in America. She welcomes the separation from Jonathan White as she doubts whether either of them really love each other.

During the train journey Jan and her young son, Bobby, meet Tim Greig, the eligible and charming local vet. He knows Shamlee and its occupants well, and to Jan's consternation he tells her Mike Maxwell has also returned to Shamlee. Jan remembers Mike as dark and mercurial but she has not forgotten his fatal magnetism when she was eighteen. Mike disapproves of Jan's friendship with Tim and he dislikes Jonathan coming to stay, yet there is obviously a bond between himself and Angela McCall, whose young son bears an uncanny resemblance to both Mike and her own four-year-old Bobby.

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