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A Month of Girls

Published by John Skaife at Smashwords

Copyright 2010

I considered writing a whole month's worth about girls, but then I decided I needed liberty.

Cathy O'Connor.

We worked together at the Canadian Home Shopping Network. My God, she was so beautiful. She had a boyfriend, so hankypanky was not on my mind (mostly).

We went to the Royal Ontario Museum together. In the cafeteria she told me that her sister had told her she didn't trust her with her children. Cathy cried about that, got up, left. I caught up with her out on the street.

She was a girl I loved. She might be dead by now.

Groovy, man. Really groovy. Can I have some of that? Man, the chicks here are hot. And cool at the same time. I guess that makes then lukewarm overall. Get down! Anybody seen my comb? Yeah, shake it! Can't believe I'm really here. Just a minute ago I was sitting in my basement, now I'm here! Hey, she's taking off her clothes. Wow. Naked and beautiful. Oh man, she's coming over here! Touching me! Shamelessly! She's so wet I can't believe it. Wow! That feels really good! I'm coming! It true what they say about fiction being better than reality.

Self-fulfilling Prophesy

I'm terribly frightened of doors.

The natural method is to push through it.

But what if someone's on the other side? What if his hand is reaching for the knob at that exact moment? His hand would be hit, possibly broken and crushed. In any case, it would be quite a fright.

This afternoon I wrote in my little notebook, "Fear of opening doors, fear of door opening." About an hour later I was about to go out of the smoking room. I reached for the knob. Just then it swung open. I jumped and looked foolish.

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