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Part I


I stayed there for a long time, just staring into those vacant eyes that no longer carried life. I was sad as I watched her go—she’d had so much strength in those baby blue eyes, set deeply into her wrinkled face. It was her heart, in the end—it had just given out.

I hated my job, even though it was what I’d been created for. I was a…what was I exactly? A deliver? A carrier? I wasn’t sure. All I knew was that I had been given the job of taking the dead to Heaven, delivering them to await Judgment. Sadly, this job also entitled watching as the last few minutes before Death dragged its victims through the dirt. But, for me, it was the last part that always cut me so deep, forcing me to look away. It was those last few seconds where the victim knew they were dying and that the life that they had fought so hard to keep was now leaving them—it was that part that always got to me.

I stood there for a few more minutes, looking at the elderly woman’s lifeless form, and I probably would’ve stayed longer—that is if it wasn’t for the Heavens calling me for my next assignment. With as much respect as I could muster, I leaned down and pressed my lips against the woman’s. They felt as if they were made from old paper, wrinkled and destroyed from age. Then I felt the woman’s soul seeping from her body, forming so that she was standing next to me.

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