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By Betsy Haynes

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Betsy Haynes

Poor Santa, while making toys for his Christmas Eve deliveries, he encounters problems from start to finish. How can he and his elves learn to cope with the problems ever advancing problems is causing? How can they develop toys that today’s children will enjoy?

Chapter 1


I talk to The Missus until my tongue collapses from exhaustion. I explain every way I can that I’m just an old fashioned kind of guy. And what does it get me? A computer? I tell her that I’m not into tockniligy or takquoligy or whatever it is.

“It’s technology,” she informs me. “And you should be because kids certainly are.” Then she stamps her foot and gives me THE LOOK.

We’d been going round and round like that for three weeks. That’s when she brought that blasted thing home and set it on my desk. I ignored it the whole first week. Pretended it wasn’t there. Didn’t even exist. I thought maybe she would take the hint.

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