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Of course, those plans were thwarted the minute he was shoved through the door. He was what she’d consider a big, hulking, tall drink of water with a bit of rum mixed in for good measure. Scratch that, he appeared to be more rum than water.

His skin carried a deep beige tone that appeared to be natural and not sun induced, as if he was from a Middle Eastern country. But he didn’t look like any Middle Easterner she’d ever seen. He. Was. Huge. Like Incredible Hulk but not green, huge.

Dressed in tight fitting, faded blue jeans and a plain white T-shirt that showed every single bulge, dip and curve of muscle, the man wasn’t exactly dressed for a weekend in the freezer. Damn. She could last all weekend, but this guy? Nah, he wouldn’t make it through the night, no matter how many muscles the man boasted.

Those muscles were good for heavy lifting, but not for insulating against the cold. And he was such a prime specimen of manhood too. Sela supposed she’d have to figure out how to get them out of the metallic room for his sake more than hers. She might be a bitch, literally, but she wasn’t a bitch or deranged like Ron. She couldn’t sit idly by while a human froze to death in her presence.

Relaxing on a pallet of hamburgers, she watched as he pounded the solid doors with his ham-sized fists. The metal dented and bent under his constant barrage of blows. Impressive. She’d give it to the guy, he was wickedly strong. He hadn’t seemed to have noticed her presence yet, so she remained quiet, observing him from afar. At least she could stare at him for a while. Too bad it couldn’t be a long while.

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