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The Beginning (Whispering Pines Book 1)

Copyright @ Charles E. Wells

Smashwords Edition

Published by Charles Wells

Dublin, Georgia 31021

Revised December 2013

In honor of the two beautiful women who helped make this book happen. Jeanie Russ and Gail Wells


Bobby Ackerman, a city boy acclimated to concrete sidewalks and bright city lights, was out of his element in the deep woods of central Georgia. Mike Shaver, his partner, was even worse. He was following a few steps behind and making enough noise for an army coming through. It didn't matter Bobby rationalized. There wasn't a farm house within fifteen miles to hear the commotion anyway.

"How much further is it to the cemetery?" Shavers asked.

Bobby stopped but Shavers couldn't react in time and bumped into him.

"Dang, Mike. Watch where you going. If I drop and break this flashlight, we will be stuck here until sunup. I can barely see where I'm going as it is with the darn thing."

"Sorry Bobby. Didn't see you slam on brakes. I guess your tail lights ain't working."

"You do that again and your head will stop working. Now don't walk so close, okay?"

"I can't see a thing back here, it is blacker than hell. What if I step on a snake?"

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