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At the 32nd Conference of World Heritage held in Quebec of Canada on July 6, 2008, “Fujian Tulous were formally recognized to be included into the World Heritage List”.

Criterion (iii): The tulou bear an exceptional testimony to a long-standing cultural tradition of defensive buildings for communal living that reflect sophisticated building traditions and ideas of harmony and collaboration, well documented over time.

Criterion (iv): The tulou are exceptional in terms of size, building traditions and function, and reflect society’s response to various stages in economic and social history within the wider region.

Criterion (v): The tulou as a whole and the nominated Fujian tulou in particular, in terms of their form are a unique reflection of communal living and defensive needs, and in terms of their harmonious relationship with their environment, an outstanding example of human settlement.

A Song of Tulou

Tulou buildings in Kejia area

welcome visitors from all over the world.

All the couplets implicate old traditions

all the furniture represent ancient stories.

Family issues are solved inside

alien dangers are blocked outside.

Protected as the World Culture Heritage

Tulou enjoys a hermit pleasure.



This book depicts some of the most interesting ancient cultural building heritages of south-east China. These Impressive constructions can be seen by the hundreds in the countryside of Fujian Province. The Americans during the 1980’s - using their space satellites covering China - thought they were “Missile Launching Silos”….until they ‘came down to earth’ to discover that they were simply one of China’s best kept secrets that visitors cannot miss!!

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