Interview with Rick Hoover

What is your ebook reading device?
I published my first ebook without access to any ebook device except my PC.
What is the story behind your book?
My wife had a desire to publish a daily Christian devotional and began writing a manuscript with one for every day of the year. A friend pointed her toward an established commercial publisher. They offered various packages costing over $1000.00 to print a small handful of copies for her. I thought there had to be a better way and began to research POD and ebook publishers. Smashwords had such a good presentation (no hype) that I quickly decided to try it out for myself. I drew on past columns and blog essays to assemble content for this experiment. Starting from scratch with no knowledge about the file requirements except what I was reading from Mark's guides, I uploaded and published my book 48 hours after I began working on it. This learning curve was MUCH easier than I expected. To date I've published three titles, including the ebook edition of Melanie's daily devotional.
Why are you an Independent Author?
I didn't want to have to bet money I didn't have, up front, on what is realistically always going to be a long shot.
What is your approach to cover design?
I don't have formal training in graphic arts but I have played around with cameras and computer graphics for years. I've handled layout and art for newsletters and church bulletins. I had no hesitation tackling a cover image for my ebook. The one thing I kept in mind was making use of a big, readable font for the title since I knew the catalog listings would initially only show a postage stamp size image.
What is your marketing approach?
Initial emails to friends, of course, to notify them of the novelty. I've also written about my adventure on my blog and posted a link there to direct readers back to the Smashwords catalog page. But clearly further effort will be called for. Melanie will be taking her print editions to her speaking engagements and we'll include bookmarks that have links to the ebooks at Smashwords.
What media influenced you growing up?
My father was a printer for many years in a large church publishing organization. I became interested in various small toy printing devices. I created small flyers and newsletters to hand out at school. That fit in with my interest in writing stories and printing them out. I also wrote movie scripts for our home movie camera, with the premieres projected on the wall of a neighbor's house. I did "radio broadcasts" using a reel to reel tape recorder. So I guess I've had a sort of across the board, start to finish exposure to using media from an early age. I eventually got a BA in Writing and have worked in radio and television. I've been involved with book and magazine writing and ghostwriting.
What was the first book you read?
Something I picked up at a bookmobile in my neighborhood. It was about a lamp post and a mailbox taking a walk down the street. I also recall an entertaining book about a boys summer camp called "Camping Like Crazy" by T. Morris Longstreth.
Published 2013-10-04.
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