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  • The Umbrella Man on Jan. 21, 2013

    Jake Needham has done it again! He has written a book, that I read through in shortest of times and it had my attention from the first to the last page. His main character, Samuel Tay, is a comfortable guy to follow with all his peculiarities, that make him so sympathetic. Jake Needham is a master at describing small details, that very much describe the atmosphere of a place or a city. I donĀ“t know Singapore very well, but at least a little bit. I recognized a lot from his book and not only places, but also the feel of the city. Well done, Jake Needham! What I do regret very much, is something that only the publishers can change: I regret, that I could only obtain this book electronically!!! However, i would prefer to have this book in my bookshelve and feel some real paper between my fingers! If the publishers were to decide, that they are still going to publish a hard copy, then I would not hesitate to buy it! ADHamburg
  • The King of Macau on Feb. 18, 2014

    This is another really well-done book by Jake Needham. His main character, Jack Shepherd, is his usual self, this mixture of drifter and really serious lawyer and always charming with the girls (only one at a time...). The friends that Jack Shephers has, are also interesting characters and the handgun with laser-pointer is just the right tool for him not to use (fortunately). As with all his books, Jake Needham refers back to older titles, in which his main character had gone through his adventures. Taking this book together with the other Jack Shepherd books, I would say, one gets a pretty good impression of how things work in parts of Asia. What I really like very much is, that Jake Needham has a good way of describing the atmosphere in the places, where his characters endure their adventures (in this case Hong Kong and Macau). I was never in Macau, but Hong Kong I know a little bit and with Needhams descriptions I immediately felt at home. I can, without any exception, recommend all other books, written by Jake Needham, as well. They are all good reads! I am even the lucky owner of a few real hard-copies, which unfortunately are now not anymore published - only e-publishing is the big word... (Editor, did you hear me???) My dearest book still is also the first book I had from Jake Needham "The Big Mango" featuring Eddie Dare and his friend Winnebago. This was, as far as I know, also the first book written by Jake Needham.