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A.C. Wilson lives in Abilene, Kansas with her husband, two sons, and their chocolate lab. She loves to be outdoors, playing with her boys and absolutely loves to write.
Her first two books were historical regency romances, Rockwell’s Lady and To Right A Wrong. The Black Hills Series came from her mother’s idea to use Hot Springs, South Dakota as a home town for the Johnson family. Everything about the Black Hills is enchantingly rugged and of course, there are cowboys!
Check out her young adult contemporary romantic series. Black Hills Angel (Book 1), Black Hills Blessing (Book 2 releasing in April) and Black Hills Rebel (Book 3 releasing in August).

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Smashwords book reviews by A.C. Wilson

  • 21 Years of Jane on June 13, 2014

    *I was gifted this copy by the author for an honest review* Let me start this review by saying that I had no idea what I was getting into when I started reading 21 Years of Jane. I certainly had no idea what Legg-Calve-Perthes disease was or how it could change a person’s life so drastically at no fault of the victim. Jane (Starr) East suffers from this debilitating disease that has put her in a wheel chair without the use of her legs. At twenty years old, she is virtually a recluse as her peers find her a good target for cruel gossip and torment. Her parents take it upon themselves to find her a friend. Nolan Ransom doesn’t set out to have his life changed or to change an extraordinary young woman’s life. His carefree, quick wit, and compassionate nature make him the perfect foil for Starr. They soon become fast friends as Nolan pushes to make every unattainable wish come true. I cannot tell you how much this book moved me. I don’t think I’ve cried over a story like this in a very long time, if ever! There were times I thought my heart might jump out of my chest and there were times I had to stop reading just to get a grip on my emotions. There are moments when we need the perspective that a good cry can bring and Starr helped remind me how thankful I am for the little things we all take for granted. Props to the author, Yolanda Olson for sharing a story that inspired such high emotions and for daring her readers to look beyond the physical.