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Smashwords book reviews by Amanda Nolastname

  • S.P.I.R.I.T. Fire Storm on Nov. 01, 2012

    The first word that comes to mind when I think about this book is...addictive. I was hooked by so many things; the romance, the paranormal, the action, the plot...need I go on? I loved the fact that Dawn went her own way with the pace, that's the beauty of a don't have to write what is deemed 'normal'. To me Sam and Zander's relationship kicked off just as it should. I thought the instant connection they shared was beautiful. It was as if they didn't have a choice...not that they wanted one. They couldn't stand to be parted and couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Which brings me to the 'grown-up' scenes, -ahem-, their passion could produce flames...literally!! I felt the confusion Sam suffers in the beginning transfered to the reader (me) and I found it exciting. Dawn wasn't giving me anything for free, I had to READ for it!! The connection of the past and present gave the story even more depth. It was well written and with incredible detail that made it SO easy to imagine. The characters were relatable and the general concept was original. Fast-paced, action-packed, WANT MORE!
  • Semester Aboard on Nov. 01, 2012

    The first chapter had me hooked so I kept reading until I was finished. Vampires, mermaid, witch, elementals and a were-oh my! A very unique twist on vampires...I loved it. It did have a slight Harry Potter feel but more...mature? I liked that Jen had to work for her magic and at times was useless as she hadn't had enough practice. It didn't just click together and bam she was an awesome witch. I loved the elementals and their lack of emotional control which caused them to 'typhoon' or 'erupt'. My favorite part of them were their eyes and the way they reflected their moods using their element. I wish we would have learned more about Mariana and the mermaids, perhaps in the next book. I also wish Jen had gotten her familiar a lot sooner than she did, I kept waiting for it. Loved the story and grew attached to the characters. Ready for the next book.
  • Embrace, Gryphon Series Book 2 on Nov. 01, 2012

    There was no question that I was going to read Embrace. After The Conduit I was hooked. All of the amazing characters were back and a few new ones tossed into the mix, just for fun. (Dark Army Glee Club = pee your pants funny!!! If for no other reason you MUST read this book to meet them) The characters always seem so real and not at all forced. The plot was well written and was full of action, adventure, romance, and a lot of humor. Stacey didn't disappoint with her comic relief and more often than not had me in a constant state of laughter. The guessing game....Rourke has a knack for twisting everything so you constantly question, "Who is good and who is evil" but crafts it in such a way that there is never a dull moment. I loved the sequel just as much as I loved the first, eben if the cliffy at the end nearly gave me a heart attack!! Stacey's writing style is unique and not easy to achieve or even pull off and for that reason she is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors!!
  • The Conduit on Nov. 01, 2012

    I was completely captivated from the beginning. The prologue was a hooker and it worked. For the Garrett's quirky sarcasm runs in the family and had me laughing more often than not. The comic relief was good and I didn't feel it overshadowed the plot. The Conduit has action, a sprinle of romance, and a family of superheroes. An ancient oath sets the destiny of the three siblings without giving them a choice.