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Smashwords book reviews by Barbara Heckendorn

  • Framed for Murder on Dec. 08, 2012

    I seldom give five stars for a book but in this case I don't have another possibility. It's an absolutely brilliant story. I would put it into the category of cosy mysteries. It's a mixture between Miss Marpel and Murder she wrote only in a modern version and set out in Canada. I got quickly familiar with all characters. CM Spencer described them, the actions and the surrounding so vivid that I've felt being into the plot on my own, being a part of them as a ghostly observer. I suffered with Anna Nolan when she was trying to track down her ex-husband's murder in her unorthodox ways. Sometimes I felt to give her support or held her back on the other hand I had to roll my eyes and and could laugh out loud. It's marvellously written and I wasn't able to stop the reading. It kept me guessing up until the very end if Anna will get him or not and this made me all tingly. I can strongly recommend this book.
  • Let Slip the Dogs of War: A Bard's Bed & Breakfast Mystery #1 on Dec. 25, 2012

    This is the first book from a wonderful new espionage serie. It's written in a marvellous humorously way. It's fast-paced sometimes too quickly, so that I had to go back a few pages to be sure that I understood the point correctly. Nevertheless this story is definitely set out in a fascinating way to introduce all the main characters which we'll see probably in the future books of this serie. The links between the protagonists kept me guessing until the very end and therefore the reading is always enthralling.
  • A Plague O' Both Your Houses: A Bard's Bed & Breakfast Mystery #2 on Dec. 26, 2012

    The second book of the 'Bard's Bed & Breakfast Mystery' serie is even better than the first one. Whereas in the first book the main focus is laid out on the introduction of all the protagonists, the second book goes into a espionage story based on a current and explosive case in the Middle East - Syria and Assad. In my opinion Sara Barton has done a masterpiece in embedding the up-to-dateness into a cosy mystery set out in Vermont. Bea in her down-to-earth way is not only manoeuvring the trained agents she also has got a big heart for everyone and is always looking forward to killing two birds with one stone. Therefore she mostly needs the help of another confederate to make sure her husband's goodwill.
  • Ameristocracy on March 10, 2013

    It's an action based story without a lot of profoundness. It's more the shooting between the good and bad guys. I miss a good story behind it. The reading was more like watching a 'crime' serie on the TV. For all those who like action, shooting and so on they'll probably like this story.
  • Down at the End of the River on June 01, 2013

    What a magnificent collection of short stories. These stories could have been taken from real life with the protagonists like you and me. Everything looks so familiar and the reading was like sneaking into your neighbour's life. The spelling style is so vividly and rich and I've got always the feeling to be amid as an observer. The stories felt so real that I've got the feeling some incidents could happen to me, too. I enjoyed the reading very much and can strongly recommend it.
  • Tall Tales Twin-Pack, Mysteries on Oct. 05, 2013

    This little book contains two different kinds of short mystery stories. The first one is taking place in good old England whereas the second one is from Canada. The British mystery is peppered with all the clich├ęs everyone is looking for and also it's very clear how the story will proceed, it's never boring or a poor copy. It is perfectly written and can hold on with famous British mystery writers. The Canadian one is more an up-to-date mystery. I was always guessing in which direction it will turn out and the outcome was really surprising. I enjoyed the reading very much.
  • The Ritual on April 28, 2014

    That was the second book from this author which I've read. Whereas I enjoyed 'frequency' very much, I've to admit that I don't like this one. Why I give it two stars? I like the spelling style, how the plot is leading to the result. The plot itself is not my genre and in my opinion it is too unrealistic. It has nothing to do with fantasy and I can't put it within thriller or mystery. I really have no clue where I should put it.
  • Gooseberry on Nov. 30, 2014

    This is a lovely cosy mystery which is set in the Victorian age. The main character who was himself once a pickpocket and now is working as a detective for a lawyer is draw back to work underground and is faced by his old nemeses as well as old friends. He has to solve a mystery which includes not only the underworld but also the upper-class as well the Queen and her husband. The spelling style is absolutely gorgeous because there are parts of street language as well as the proper English. (4 1/2 stars)