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Smashwords book reviews by André Dias

  • The Fairy Tale Trap on Dec. 20, 2012

    When one looks at the premises, you would say that this book was inspired by ABC's Drama, Once Upon a Time, clearly gluing itself to the series premises of a fairy tale revamp. However, the story is strikingly different from the show, as it finds one character - Ivy Thorn - finding her way through one of the most familiar fairy tales - Beauty and The Beast. And, for one, doesn't feature the clichéd (clichéd because it works!) history of a savior but, yes, the story of a young girl/boy trapped as a result of an evil character's machinations and self-amusement. Smart, funny, and with the tiny - not so tiny - bit of sarcasm to make Ivy the most lovable person in the world, The Fairy Tale Trap traps itself around your hand, as you clung to know whatever deviations and dangers Ivy will have to thorn away in order to get back, preferably save, home.
  • The Flash Gold Boxed Set, Chronicles I-III on June 15, 2014

    Lindsay Buroker, the author of Emperor's Edge, has shown us a tendency for explosions, witty female characters, and more than physically capable men, who are deviated from their original path to a more sinuous road, all due to one female character. Well, this collection of novellas has it all as the main female character is the only person known to held the series-title "Flash Gold", which makes her a terribly delicious mark for bounty-hunters. However, this female character is more than capable of defending herself, albeit not always in the most protective of ways, as it usually ensures the destruction of one or two things along the way. Nevertheless, Flash Gold makes up for more than satisfying read, as Buroker grants us with yet another page-turner of a story, as spellbinding in its conception as the series' Flash Gold itself.