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  • Queer Greer on April 20, 2012

    Have you ever read a book that just had you saying WOW at the end? WOW in a good way, that is. WOW in the way that your brain was just put through the ringer because you had to think constantly throughout the whole book, constantly had to wonder how you would feel in the protagonist's shoes. Constantly had to put yourself in the shoes of the supporting characters and see if you would react the same as they did, or if your reaction would be different. Queer Greer is that book for me. At first I wasn't sure if I liked Greer, but as I learned more about her, walked in her shoes so to speak, I began to love her. I believe that her journey into discovering her sexuality is something that everyone goes through. A person's sexuality is not black or white - it may be blue or pink or purple. Gay or straight or bisexual. Greer, as so many people can attest to, tried to be straight when she met Cameron, but there was Becca. Gorgeous, confident, out and proud Becca. I've known - and dated - way too many Camerons in my lifetime. Guys who are all about breaking the rules, doing manly things, but never doing what they long to do deep down. Play the guitar. Sing in front of a crowd. I don't think in my high school days that I knew many Beccas. Queer Greer takes you on her journey from apparent "straight girl" to "secretly gay" to "the closet's been open". You may not agree with Greer's tactics, you may not agree with how she copes, but you will feel her pain and frustration as she follows her path. I would recommend this book to EVERYONE. Especially young teens who question their own sexuality or who aren't sure that anyone else feels the way they do. Someone does, and they will help you through it. You just have to find that person. I'm required to acknowledge that I received a review copy of this book from the author in exchange for my review, good or bad. I received no other compensation and wasn't required to give it a positive review.
  • Reflection on June 21, 2012

    Wow, just WOW. Did I really just read that?! Reflection is one of those books that grips you from just about the beginning and doesn't let go. I read the first chapter for the follow-up novel, Reaction, and felt like my heart shattered when there was no more to read. Yeah, it was THAT good. It took me a bit to understand what was going on, especially with the narration swap. There were times when I'd try to guess at what would happen next, but it was pretty pointless - my guessing that is. The story followed it's own timeline Heather is a feisty character, full of spunk and determination. She's vulnerable, almost to a fault, and can drive a person insane at times. Nick is just...he's one of very few male characters I've ever fervently wished to be real. He reminds me of a cowboy, staid and true. The one character that I wish had been fleshed out more is Creed. I know he wasn't integral to the majority of the story, but he was still a very important part of Heather's life, as can be seen by the numerous times he popped up. This had a very "If I Stay" feel to it at times, which isn't a bad thing - IIS is one of my favorite YA books ever written in the last 37 years. Keep some tissues handy the closer you get to the end of the book, you may need them. Handy Dandy Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of Reflection from the author as part of R2R program in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own.
  • Meryl's Commitment on July 21, 2013

    I received a review copy in exchange for my honest review. This was an interesting book. I wouldn't classify it as a romance as there really wasn't any. It was more or less about a woman who works her butt off as an intern at an architectural firm in Atlanta to help pay the upkeep on her beloved family home in a small town hours away from the city hoping to be hired on in a full-time position. She finds out that there's a man who's buying up property all around her, but she refuses to sell. Meryl is a bright young woman with what looks to be a solid future. She's not overly worried about marriage or children; she's very career-oriented. As the book goes along she learns a lot about herself and the world around her. Lisa and Kim were great secondary characters that made me giggle. Riccardo, I'm still not sure if I liked him or not. In fact, you really don't get to know much about him as he's very secretive. Other than some editing and grammar mistakes, I really enjoyed this book and hope there is a sequel.
  • Silver Hollow on July 21, 2013

    This review was first posted on Once Upon A Book by Falon. Do not judge this book solely by the summary given above, it barely begins to scratch the surface of Silver Hallow. I really ended up liking it, and I have already begun recommending it to friends. There are just some stories you settle in to read and stars align, or just something clicks in one's head and it seems like everything is going to flow harmoniously. And that was the case for me with this book. As I continued reading Silver Hallow it was as if my brain took a seat in a large plush comfy chair and then did not want to leave once it was in residence. As the scenes unfolded like a dream, it became more and more apparent that Jennifer Silverwood had woven an incredibly engrossing and rich tapestry, that I was sad to reach the end of. We're brought into the world of Silver Hallow by way of a slightly perhaps anxiety ridden American paranormal author Amie Wentworth's dream. There are reasons for this paranoid behaviour as poor Amie lost both of her parents in a horrible accident. The reader would think she'd be free of such awful things, when some equally dark happening befalls her. Only this time there are some crazy and unbelievable circumstances, and a dark eyed saviour and a miraculous event that changes it all. And this seems to be a tipping point for our heroine. As the story truly begins we trip and meander along in step with her as she first heads down this incredible rabbit hole into a universe, even her author's mind could never fathom as being real. When Amie first arrives at Silver Hallow, the place is dark and dreary but soon after it seems the very nature of the world around her seems to come alive along with her presence. How long can she deny that that statue over there is not a statue at all, or that the odd inhabitants of the castle hush their voices and cast furtive glances of awe as they watch her pass by? Why will no one answer her questions? Once our intrepid author begins to realize she's not in Texas any longer, she gets to branch out more. And when she meets her mysterious saviour from before, and another draws her interest. Things that were meant to be hidden soon begin bubbling up to the surface, bringing to light answers she wanted, needed even; but along with the good she may also learn of things never wished to know. Shaking her world further on the new foundations she was only just again beginning to build! Silverwoord has a way of portraying colourful and engrossing characters, and I particularly enjoyed the whimsical way they spoke. I appreciate a mythological creature in the fae world that talks with an "old world" flourish, and Jennifer was able to make me giggle with some of the things that came out of their mouths. Honestly there is a lot of information covered in this book, and I do not want to give it away. Which I could so easily do without even meaning to! I am not even including the names of the other characters because as you read on and since the story is linear, little by little the information trickles through the cracks. Half of the fun of this novel for me was feeling like I was straining for the answers along with Amie as bit by bit things wiggled into sight. Bottom line is, I found myself loving this book. I honestly and really appreciated the way Jennifer Silverwood wrote a wonderfully, enticing, whimsical, world that felt fantastic to dig my imagination into. Give it a try, and I am certain you will love this journey too. Note: I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.