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As a romance writer, my philosophy revolves around love and how it plays part in our relationships. From family and friends to lovers and the like, somewhere buried deep beneath these complex and often inextricable connections, love has its place. Sometimes it stares us in the face while other times we truly have to dig. But in every case, when we form bonds that matter, love finds its way inside.

When I write, I try to reflect this idea of love intertwined. It might play out as a flirty intent, a candid whisper, or a full on love scene. It drives actions and gains weight with each gesture of the characters, pushing them into ever complicated relationships. Granted, not always do the players in my stories act with good intentions - the road to hell is paved with them, to be sure - but in most cases it was love that drove them to such malice or discontent in the first place.

Whether you're just discovering romance or you're steeped in its every way, I hope my scribblings on the topics of love suit what you're looking for. Please leave a review or comment if you enjoyed my work. I'm ever grateful. Thanks.

Ashlee Hart

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