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The Celtic Tree Zodiac
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 15,960. Language: English. Published: May 11, 2011. Category: Nonfiction » New Age » Witchcraft and wicca
The Celtic Druids assigned trees to each moon of the year. This is a comprehensive examination of the characteristics the people born under these signs share with their botanical namesake. This is a collection of attributes for each tree in the zodiac, their lore and personality, as assigned by the first written record of the Druidic tree calendar. Original research was executed by the author.

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  • The Heirs of Eldon on July 24, 2011

    The Heirs of Eldon This is the sequel to Emerald, and follows the twin brothers Tav and Tash as they leave their home as fugitives, fleeing oppression and persecution, to find freedom and acceptance out in the world. As with all good fantasy books, this encompasses races of people with strange tongues and ethnicity. Some will inspire and some will repulse, and that is how it should be. I found the book steadily picks up pace, the action is impressive, the life threatening drama and twists do not disappoint, and by the end you will find yourself holding your breath. I am always impressed when an author can offer up a huge cast in a book, and give character development and relationship time to each character. In this epic series by Hamilton, you will cry, adrenaline will surge, your insides will clench, and you will long to get to the chapter when you can simply breathe without tension. It reaches a summit where you simply cannot put it down, or read fast enough. In a land of enchanting races, enigmatic and charming kings, where fate forces their hand back to the battlefield - saturating the land in blood, sorrow, right to the insides of the Mt Askar Volcano where the evil Erram lives - only Tav and Tash have what he wants, they're both wounded and unprepared to meet the man who murdered their father. There's a lot I'm not saying here, to say it would ruin the twists, and I'm not into writing spoilers in my reviews... But I'll say this much: This is an epic fantasy which sweeps you up in an emotional tide, riveting, delivering action, betrayal, battles and sabotaging pride. You can relate to each character even though their world is alien to you. It is a spellbinding read, transporting you to another time and place, with your heart pounding, afraid to blink, desperate to reach the climax of this story which builds consistently to the point where, as a reader - you simply won't be able to handle the tension. Unequivocally five out of five stars.
  • An American Branch on Oct. 17, 2011

    Wow. This is one heavily loaded dramatic read. The main character Charles is an American teacher in Japan, and this book follows his downward spiral into hell. He seems just like every other guy, caught up in his work and the logistical problems of the college he's teaching at, and having that awkward distance appearing between himself and his wife. Up to this point, you don't really have a relationship with him. Then he makes the first of a series of potentially volatile and damaging decisions. It includes raunchy sex with a grateful mother (of one of his students), it has him backstabbing his boss, and entering into his lost youth when he starts smoking pot and taking LSD. All things considered, he's lucky he got off as lightly as he did. This book is a delightful sojourn into Japan, the food, the lifestyle, and the gorgeous beauty of the place - Highlighted starkly against the US midwest. But the twists continue, and as a reader you feel it. Wholeheartedly ensconced in Charles' life, you want to shake him, and your insides contract when you discover the horror at the end. What a way to end a book. It was a wild ride, one I could not anticipate from the book's blurb. Nothing prepares you for how candid and gut wrenching this read is. This book turns you into a voyeur, witnessing the best and worst moments of this man's life. It was well written and compelling.
  • Eyes of the Dead on Dec. 25, 2011

    Eyes of the Dead is a short story of righteous vengeance. Billings was chosen as a seven year old, to witness crime and to be the fetch for the dead. In return Billings has a strange transfer of energy, the same euphoria a druggie gets, the same separation from reality (and possible hallucination) attributed to near death experiences. Death is his intoxication. This is a quick read, a little dose of torture, death, blood, urine, feces, the chamber of horrors is cold, but a part of you is sort of on his side. He's definitely killing the right people. Let him without sin cast the first stone - powerful words when sin sends you to this angel of death's door. None of us are guilt free - which means you - could - be - next. Sinister story telling loaded with gore and righteous calm delivers you into a place where you want the bad guys dead, and Billings is the perfect psychopath for the job. Greed festers, and a sadistic part of you will enjoy reading Billings cauterizing these boils off the face of our earth. Excellent story telling
  • Game Fishing Diaries - Volume 2 on Jan. 02, 2012

    I'm female, and honestly never thought I'd end up reading and enjoying a book on Game Fishing. Many moons ago I got a bee in my bonnet, to learn to fly fish. My reasons were that it was out in nature, tranquil, and more than that it required immense skill. A skill i wanted to learn. But I never got that far (life has a way of taking your legs from you when you most need them). They key to this book is in the title *Diaries*. This is such a personal read and it completely changed my views on all fishermen. I honestly (hand on heart) thought fishing was boring. I also have a deep respect for the ocean and if I ever ended up fishing it, it would be from the rocks (which I did as a kid). Instead this book is an adrenaline rush with a lot of funny. I had no clue fishing was this exciting! Piranha, crocs, almost struck by lightning, lordy it's so exciting, it was exhilarating to read this. The author manages to bring every place he fished vibrantly to life, taking you around the world and somehow making you feel as if you are right there fishing with him. You are in the moment, engrossed in the drama, and just as pleased when he catches his quarry. It's full of anecdotes about the people, the location, and giving you tips on how to survive (well) in each environment. He shares truly embarrassing moments, like when he went fishing in Russia and thought his Russian was good enough to order from the menu, and ended up asking the waitress if he could taste her! It's fall around funny in places. The descriptions really are vivid, like this! They smelled like old feet that had been washed in sheep manure. (Chic McSherry sure knows how to paint a picture with words.) After this he introduces us to his bird, Tia. If a man tells you he's in love with his bird, Tia, you'd expect a romance and all sorts of gory details not suitable for a book such as this, but instead it's an insight into his other passionate love. Again this was eye opening reading, thrilling, dramatic, exciting, and hold your breath worthy. It really got tense at times, and even when you're sitting here reading, stressing, he plays the humour card and makes you crack a smile. Reading this book is like sitting in his presence while he retells a story, the turn of phrase and narration is so natural and utterly delightful to read. When Tia gave him the look of *it's all your fault* and he compares it to his ex wife, you will laugh! Oh she's a bird alright, one to be respected and adored, and he definitely loves this beautiful babe. Trust me, once you've read this you will feel as if you've been around the world (all while sitting in your armchair). It will revive your love of adventure, make you crave to see these places in person, and teach you so many insightful tricks on fishing the world. Suprisingly I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, because it was riveting reading for a non fisherman. This reads like an adventure. It's fishing from an adrenaline junkie perspective. I had no clue fishing was an adrenaline sport until I read this. This is a must have on any angler's shelf.
  • Original Sin (The Alexandra Jones Series #2) on May 23, 2012

    Wow, what a ride this novel is. Samantha Towle has a nasty knack of lulling you into a safe rhythm just to snatch it out from under you and drop you down unexpected holes into dark caves of danger and mystery. I bloody loved it! Original Sin is fantastic! Seriously I just want to keep saying WOW. Alex has run, she's semi-comfy in her new role as fugitive from supernatural hunters, and we're right in Italy with her, enjoying the view, the tranquility of the small village she works in, and inhaling hearty coffee which warms the blood and falsely makes you feel safe. A new man steps unexpectedly into her life, and he's solid, sturdy, reliable. You will like him, a lot. He kicks ass, teaches Alex to fight, and shoot, and hunt. And then bham, catastrophe falls out of nowhere just when you're gripping the pages so tight your Kindle screen cracks. From then on you're on a dramatic ride with Alex which is all hormones and adrenaline, excitement and delirious happiness. You are in love, in lust, in denial, right along with Alex. The ending is so dramatic and tense, the roles and lines defined, and all you will want to do is hug Nathan and never ever stop... but you have to. The bloody thing ends again, doesn't it? Grrrrrrr. I can't say why I can't get enough of the Alexander Jones series, but I never ever want it to end. I sure hope there will be more, because I don't know who I'm rooting for anymore. Samantha Towle help me, do it for me and write another book! I am a die hard Nathan junkie, but Zeff is.... *mashes lips together*... he's freaking AWESOME! Can we have more Miss? Please? Pretty please? My heart feels ruptured after reading this. I'm not sure if I want to laugh or cry. That's damn emotive writing and I think the tears are winning. Happy tears. Lordy! What a wild ride! The fact that I'm pining that the end has rudely been thrust on me is proof enough. The way I'm feeling, the attachment to these characters, the complete immersion inside these pages, and the dire need to want to keep reading... five out of five stars. What a read! Fantastic!
  • Wackos to Obliterate on Nov. 07, 2012

    What an intriguing story. Mavis and George live in an RV and travel around endlessly. George needed to supplement their ailing savings and turned to paid online trolling to do it. In this first installment of the story we learn exactly how this works while also getting a detailed education on how to hunt duck. As a vegetarian I would happily have skipped that part, but the finding of a bug listening in on them inside the RV was enough to keep me reading to see what would happen next. The cutest couple also hunting duck end up being the object of suspicion and through manipulation grace Mavis' next romance novel as the hotties to draw sales. All is working out just swell, until her social networking site rejects her after it comes out she's a troll. Thanks to George for using her computer to do some of his trolling, he's just shut down their best income, leaving Mavis and the reader in paranoid suspension while we wait for book 2. It's a fast read and most interesting.