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  • Witch Rising (Witch Song #2.5) on Dec. 26, 2013

    I am awed by the sheer intensity of emotion that can be found in this very short story. Forty pages full of drama and pain. This tale tells about the making of tragedy and revenge, the making of a reluctant witch who cannot hide from her power. Lilette has barely escaped from death along with her parents. Betrayal plunges her into an even worse nightmare and not even her voice can save those who fight for her. It is the mingling of words and music that become a powerful, deadly weapon sought after by many. Despite all she's lost, despite the kindness of one wise stranger, she grows into a woman who yearns for freedom and family. No fate stays dormant forever, thus tragedy strikes again but she vows to prevail. I loved it! From the very first page, this story is powerfully written and emotional. It promises such a great world that I will definitely explore in the author's longer novels. I feel very drawn to a power harnessed to a singing voice that runs on the female side. Lilette suffers deeply and becomes riddled with strong convictions and hurts. I was genuinely moved when so many bad things happened to her family, and how heart-wrenching it was for her. Also later on when Lilette connects with someone else who has suffered greatly and offers his help knowing all the time how it will all end. So beautiful and sad at the same time. I'm sure there is a lot of adventure, hardship and passion lying in Lilette's future. The best ingredients for a great story, no doubt.