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  • Not His Kiss to Take on Jan. 10, 2013

    Forgot to put star rating in, sorry folks. Loved it. Can't praise it highly enough except for a few little errors. Evan did come across as a bit of a perv at first (good call Jamie), but I'm so happy that things were sorted out in the end. Great book.
  • The Condor on March 19, 2013

    Someone did a review which drew me in and made me decide to get this book, but I am sooo glad that I's extremely funny, it's irreverent, it's shocking, it's painful sometimes but never, ever boring!! This book is about hookers plain and simple, no beating around the bush, and mostly it's about Harry, the twink in the body of a bear, who is really just looking for love like the rest of us. We learn about Harry's past (not at all pleasant), we learn about Harry's employees at the agency he runs with the scary Lena, his protegee Danny (whose real name is Linus), Harry's problematic customers including the slightly weird and spooky Logan, and eventually after lots of heartache, we dare to hope that Harry finally gets his own HEA.
  • Ten in the Bin on July 21, 2013

    Another good Nic Walker story, featuring the wonderful game of Rugby League, and how 2 teammates discover that they have more in common than they thought possible....Macca especially is adorable, and he and Dean make a good couple.
  • Abel (It Can't Be You) on April 03, 2014

    I absolutely loved this story, but there were several things that niggled so for me that knocks half a point hasn't put me off buying the 2 sequels however, and book 2 is already waiting on the kindle. Thanks to Lily for the rec. 4.5 stars and ♥♥♥♥♥ The story. Abel is a 19 year old dancer at the Phoenix Club, and is solely responsible for his sister Savannah. When the book starts, a punter who's tucked a lot of money in Abel's G-string feels very aggrieved cos all he's got in return for his money is a f*****g dance, so later on when Abel is busy getting changed, he's cornered by the guy and things start to get nasty. Abel is rescued by Cole, another dancer, but is injured in the process and is taken to hospital where he's attended to by Dr Devlin Grant...the attraction between the two is immediate, but Abel is very reticent and shy and Dr Grant of course has to be professional; however, when Abel gets back to his apartment, his sister Savannah is very ill and back to the hospital they go where surprise, surprise Dr Grant is still on duty and rushes to help. Savannah is extremely ill indeed, but Abel won't discuss his and Savannah's background with anyone, so the Doctor doesn't have a lot of info to work with. Leaving Savannah at the hospital almost kills Abel, but he knows that she'll get the best care there and anyway they need to wait for test results. He goes back to the club and breaks down, Cole and Gabe (another very sexy dancer) are there for him and he tells them some of his background story...which as you can imagine is horrifying and heartbreaking. I have to say I completely fell for the Abel/Cole/Gabe dynamic....(view spoiler) I'm leaving my review here....there is a lot to this story, but I just want to explain my niggles. There were silly errors in the story.....words which do not make sense e.g. mute instead of moot, cured instead of curled, anymore was used when it should have been anyway or anyhow....all of which should have been picked up by a decent editor, BUT the worst thing by far IMHO was the fact that condoms were not mentioned at all...neither was lube btw. Irresponsible much?? I thought that safe sex was supposedly being preached nowadays especially given the job that Abel, Cole and Gabe have, and the 'extras' that they may sometimes take part in.... I understand there's more heartbreak for me in book 2...bring it on!!
  • Abel (Hearts In Chaos) on April 03, 2014

    Another gripping and mesmerising read. 4.5 stars, but I do wish that the writer would employ an editor to get rid of these silly errors. Will Devlin finally start to accept what he's been told about his pervert of a brother when his own repressed memories start to surface?? Will Abel be able to bed Horatio Kaplan (snort!!) when he knows without a doubt that he's in love with Devlin and that Devlin feels the same, AND that Kaplan has bought his services... which obviously makes him no better than a whore?? And what's the deal with Kaplan and Max, the owner of the club....something not quite right there for me. Cole and Gabe finally acknowledge that the 'something' between them is more than lust...could it be that other 'l' word?? *happy dancing* And her treatment going to be successful, and what will she say when she discovers that Abel has sold himself to pay for her treatment?? On to book 3 when hopefully all my questions will be answered.
  • Abel (Shattered) on April 03, 2014

    Oh God, this series. A superb, gripping and tense trilogy. Again 1/2 a star deducted for lack of editing and silly mistakes. 4.5 stars. I really did think that Abel (or should I say Jesse) would top himself in this instalment, he just didn't know where to turn and really suffered, and I have to admit that Kaplan wasn't as bad as I thought BUT.... Devlin has at last been given proof of his brother's slimy and perverted ways in the form of a statement from his ex best friend who knew that something was not right with Craig. This precipitates a small mental breakdown in Devlin who finally has to accept that he's lost Abel because of his attitude towards him and the fact that he thought Abel couldn't possibly be telling the in effect he's lost 2 people cos he's also had to accept that his brother was not the goody two-shoes Devlin thought he was, and THAT was what Abel was trying to protect him from. There is so much love between these two but can things ever get back to how they should be?? Over to you dear reader.....