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  • Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble, A Paranormal Romance: Jolie Wilkins Book 1 on Sep. 06, 2010
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    The Setting — begins in LA, harmlessly enough one night with a young woman minding her own business. As Jolie gets dragged into a secret world of wickedly sexy witches, sultry vampires, and playboy werewolves she’s forced to flee across the pond and is taken on a whirlwind adventure to places normal humans never see. I thought that the setting was well done; a lot of paranormal authors don’t give much thought to the setting because it’s just as your or I are sitting in now, but I liked the authors sense of surrounding. It wasn’t long paragraphs of detail, but simple comments and details that clued me into where we were. The Characters — were hysterical. Mallory has a great talent for wit, and Jolie just seems to attract trouble. I liked Jolie’s character arc; she started out as a sort of mousy, quiet, insecure kind of woman and through the story blossomed. I thought there was a lack of tension at times, and I would have liked to see more internal processing of events before she jumped into action. There was a lot of flirtation going on, between Jolie and Rand and Trent and the list goes on! It was a little bit of a stretch, but it worked and you kept biting your nails the whole time either screaming, “NOOOOO!” or “YESSSS!”, so I can’t say I mind too much. The Plot — of this book is setting up for a much more large scale battle to come. I was disappointed that the whole book was what felt like a prequel to the real action to come. This is my ax and this is me grinding; I’ve said it before and I hate doing this to such a fun book, but I had to cut a star for what I felt was an ending that just…. ended. There was a great emotional wrap up that leads us into what could be, and there’s a lot of great story that happens, but the story didn’t come across to me as finished enough to close the book. I want to read the next one, in fact I absolutely must because I frakking need to know what happens!
  • Bound By Blood (A Vampire/Werewolf Romance) on April 28, 2011
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    This is an epub only novella released by the amazing Cynthia Eden. If you’re familiar with her other books, like the Night Watch trilogy, or the Midnight trilogy, you know all about her established paranormal world of the Other. This is not an Other novella, this is something new. Bound by Blood is about characters forced into a situation against their will and making lemonade from lemons. If you’re familiar with Cynthia Eden’s style, you know you’re getting a strong alpha hero and a heroine who has just as much of a backbone as the hero and is no damsel in distress. I love that about her books. The characters rescue each other, but never from what you expect. The story in Bound by Blood centers around the vampire princess, Morgan LaBeaux, and the alpha werewolf Jace Vaughn. Unlike your typical idea of a vampire, Morgan was born one, she was not made by a bite or magic. She also isn’t crazy about the idea of being a vampire, or power hungry which makes you like her right off the bat. Jace Vaughn has wanted and watched Morgan for years. I can’t help but think his fixation with her before the story is just a tad bit creepy. However, he wins you over. This is an action packed, sizzling romance that feels like it’s longer than 26,000 words. For $.99 it’s a steal people. Last I checked it’s available for Nooks via the B&N store, Kindles via Amazon, and the rest of us via Smashwords. I have a Sony reader and it read just fine.