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  • Zoo on April 07, 2013

    This book was a really unique dystopian. I have never heard of one where people who die are taken to a future zoo, and are locked up for the future's people's entertainment. That is what drew me to this book, and I'm glad to say that I was not disappointed. The heroine of this book, Emma, was not someone who I immediately liked. She was very determined to escape her situation, and I appreciated that. However, sometimes she acted very childishly, and it was only later in the story when she showed her courage and bravery. By that time, I was finding her more interesting, but I never fully loved her character. As for the side characters, Kale was definitely my favorite. It is nice to see genuinely caring, thoughtful guys in books, because usually, that side of them is hidden under a tough exterior. With Kale, what you see is what you get, and I loved that. Victoria and James were also good characters, because they both change so drastically. They are exactly opposite of Kale, because they were incredibly different than they first appeared to be. I love that the author was able to make both kinds of characters. It made the story that much more interesting. The plot of the story was intriguing. As I said, I loved the premise behind the story, and I thought it was carried out perfectly. The book started out interesting, and it got even more so. There was a great twist near the end which I loved. Also, I thought the zoo aspect was really well-done, what with the actual spectators, and Emma and everyone else in the zoo having to be entertaining for them. I really felt for the captors, and it really made me think about actual zoos and how they work. When that happens, you know it's a good book. Therefore, this was an interesting book. The main character grew throughout the story, the plot was really engaging, and characters that we thought we knew were not all that they seemed. This author really knows how to write a well-told story, with great characters. I will definitely be back for the next book in this series, and anyone looking for an original dystopian should definitely give this book a try.
  • Every Rose on June 09, 2013

    Wow what can I say about Every Rose? It certainly packs a punch and will stay with you long after you have read it! I had heard some buzz about this book but I hadn't read any reviews as I like to do that after I have read the book myself, so I couldn't wait to get stuck in. We meet Lorraina who is merely going through the motions of every day life. After a few events from her past she has decided to focus on her studies and finding love is far from her mind. That is until she goes home and reconnects with her childhood best friend, Mike Bang. I loved Mike! I loved his interests and passion about art and music. Mike went off the rails in his younger years so he was repenting for them now and I really liked the person he had become. I enjoyed that we got to read about Lorraina and Mike's first encounters through her journal entries. Mike Bang told Lorraina at age 15 that he was her future husband. He was so freaking cute! Lorraina had always spurred Mike's advances because she didn't want to ruin their friendship but all that changes when they meet seven years later and Lorraina can't deny the feelings she always had for this boy. Mike and Lorraina's relationship moved at a fast pace once they met again but I suppose due to their history it was understandable. There were some really great scenes between them and for romance addicts you will feel all warm and mushy! I did feel really bad for them both as they felt they had to hide their relationship from their family and friends. This made me sad as I really wanted to see them enjoy their relationship out in the open and perhaps that is why my favourite scene of them is the double date they went on with one of Mike's closest friends as no one else knew. I loved the way music and art was weaved throughout the story and after listening to the playlist, some of the lyrics are perfection when it comes to Lorraina and Mike's journey. This book (and some of these songs) had me crying ugly tears! I think I cried harder because I wasn't expecting some of the events. I was left speechless that is for sure. I did feel the ending was slightly rushed with a few time jumps and I was wishing for it to slow down merely because 1. I needed to absorb the information and 2. I wanted more detail. I want to drop a great big spoiler in this review but I won't because that's not what I do but the only reason is because I need to talk about it! My mind is still reeling from some of the events so if you have read this get in touch we need to chat ;) I enjoyed the author's writing style, the book flowed well and I connected with Lorraina's 'voice'. At times I did feel the dialogue between Lorraina and Mike was a little clear cut, we were told lots of details in some parts rather than shown. And problems were resolved rather quickly. Lorraina and Mike were apart for a lot of years and it did have me wondering what Mike's life had been like through his eyes. We got to read a journal excerpt from his POV and it definitely left me wanting more. :) Every Rose was a good book with a great message, I love books that take me by surprise and this one definitely did. I will no doubt continue to think about Lorraina and Mike for months to come. If you love New Adult, love romance and second chances and above all love an emotional story then I urge you to read this one.
  • Broken Promises on Dec. 28, 2013

    This was my first book by Dawn Pendleton and it was a good story. Mallory couldn’t wait to get out of her small home town and move to Boston. Her mother had felt suffocated in their town and left her and her father when she was only months old. So Mallory came to lean on her Dad for everything. For fear of Mallory sharing her mother’s feeling her dad convinces Mallory to move away and experience life. Of course she is unaware that her father is hiding something. So with Mallory’s sights set on Boston it’s decision time for her boyfriend Luke, does he stay in the small town he wants to grow old in or does he follow his love and live in the city. They do say young love doesn’t last forever so it’s with heavy hearts that they decide to go their separate ways. Three years later Mallory is forced to return home and face all the things she left behind. Mallory was convince the big city was for her but the longer she stayed at home the more she realised how much she really did miss it and of course there was the reappearance of Luke. It was clear to see early on that both Luke and Mallory had unfinished business. The story was told in dual pov so you got to know Luke as well as Mallory. I have to say I enjoyed Luke’s POV as he was the sweetest guy and really wanted the best for Mallory and it was clear he never stopped loving her. Mallory reconnected with her best friends Rainey and Gabby, they too had complicated love lives in the form of Baker and Wolfe respectively. It was fun to see the girls catch up and just gossip about their lives and the boys. I could relate to the girls’ easy friendship, it was like no time had passed between them. Unfortunately tragedy was ahead for Mallory and I was glad she had her friends and Luke surrounding her. I really liked the plot and felt it had a lot of potential, I would have just loved more character depth so I could really connect with Mallory. She did make changes towards the end and I’m glad she started thinking of what Luke wanted as well and what he was giving up for her. Any scene between Mallory and her dad was heart warming and the same can be said of her dad and Luke. The letter Luke received from him was the sweetest (and yes I did tear up ;)) I loved the eclectic group of characters, and I am looking forward to reading their books. Of course we were left hanging at the end as Rainey had a big secret so I can’t wait to find out what it is. This was a quick, sweet read. Lovers of New Adult will enjoy this in one sitting. It is currently free for the month of July and I say it’s well worth a read!
  • Broken Dreams on Dec. 28, 2013

    Well after reading Broken Promises I was desperate to know Rainey’s secret as I was sure it was something big and yes I was right. I wasn’t shocked per se as I was expecting it but I was saddened as I wondered how the story would play out. I felt the writing was stronger in this book and the character development had strengthened. I loved Baker, he was a genuinely sweet guy. Usually it is the girl vying for commitment so I liked the fact that Baker was up front with his emotions and he loved Rainey dearly. When she needed him the most he gave up everything and went to her. *Swoon* Rainey was a tough cookie, she was used to taking care of everyone hence the reason she was so reluctant to accept help. I could relate to that part of Rainey’s character as I can be a bit of a control freak myself ;) The storyline should have been an emotional one, and although there were times when my eyes did begin to water, overall I felt it lacked depth and empathy. Rainey and the gang dealt with the whole “situation” quite clinically I felt, I missed the raw emotions and vulnerability in their words and actions. Excuses were made in the form of telling it like it is, or giving it to Rainey straight but it took away the believability for me. I know Rainey was trying to be strong and hold her head high but if we were given just a glimpse of her fear and vulnerability I would have believed in it more. The other niggle I had with the storyline was the similarity with the first book, we had been there before with the “situation” right down to the sneaking around and leaving town to spare feelings etc. With the story being about the same subject you would think this gang would have learned by their previous mistakes and changed their ways. Sadly this wasn’t the case. I’m just glad Baker wasn’t left in the dark for too long. The paced moved quickly and some things fell into place a little too easily in order for affairs to wrap up nicely, I was able to let this slide because it involved Baker and I was smitten. :) As the book was nearing 95% I was getting anxious, I knew there was no room for events to happen and be resolved in this amount of time. So even though it was a happy affair and some lovely sweet things went on, I really have no idea where the ending leaves us. As far as I know the next book will centre around Wolfe and Gabby so I’m left to ponder if Rainey and Baker’s story is over. Will we find out by a passing statement in the third book what happened? I feel Rainey and Baker deserved closure, I know myself as the reader certainly did. Broken Dreams has lots of potential to be a really good New Adult story. With the subject matter it could be raw and gritty and the characters have lots of empathy to evoke, I think more research and less forced dialogue would kick this story up a notch. With that being said it was really Baker that stood out for me and the reason I read it to the end. I enjoyed seeing the other characters return and I am intrigued to see what Gabby and Wolfe have in store for them.
  • Forbidden Forever on Dec. 28, 2013

    *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.* Laney Collins is married with two children, her husband Michael is a douchebag who has been mentally abusing her for years, and she’s only staying with him for the sake of her children. Dr. Chance Turner has been in stuck in a loveless marriage to Catherine for the last 6 years one that was forced on him by his parents, and Catherine’s. When Laney meets Chance, there is an instant attraction and sparks fly and as much as they try they can’t keep away from each other and give in to temptation. I liked the storyline don’t get me wrong I don’t condone adultery in any way, but I did feel sorry for Laney and was glad that she gave into her feelings for Chance. I wasn’t too sure of Chance at first, but he is a good guy, his feelings for Laney are genuine and all he wants to do was to take care of her and her children. I enjoyed watching Laney and Chance’s relationship develop they are sweet together, and Chance was just what Laney needed to see that she deserved better. I was relieved that once they gave into their feelings, they both ended their marriages. The twists and turns, crazy’s ex partners, and the hot sexy moments are the reason I wanted to keep reading this book. However the problem I had with this book was the dual POV as you know I love it when an author gives me the perspective of both main characters, but I found myself skimming through Chance’s POV at the start of the book as it was almost the same as Laney’s and I found it too repetitive, thankfully the whole book was not like that. I also would have liked to see some paragraph breaks between the changing scenes as I think it would have made parts of the book flow better. In spite of those few issues I did liked this book it was a quick read that make me laugh and smile at times. It had some good supporting characters that added to the story. I like the ending I was happy for Laney and Chance, and will certainly read the next book to see what happen in the next chapter of their lives.
  • The Road To Price on July 26, 2014

    I gave Road to Price 3.5 Stars. *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.* The Road to Price was a quick read and it was almost Cinderellaesque- a rags to riches tale. Mia is a hard working girl holding down three jobs until she finally catches a break and gets offered a full time housekeeping position although it comes with some rather ‘interesting’ benefits in the form of her new boss, Sebastian Price. Mia left her former job and former successful life after a heartbreaking event that tore her apart. So working for Sebastian is a welcomed relief although she doesn’t expect to fall for him and she never planned to let him into her heart. I connected to Mia’s back-story and found it emotional at times when she would reminisce. I could understand her need for a fresh start and her reluctance to share her past with anyone as that was her business. There was instant attraction there with Sebastian and that led to some hot times. Overall, this was a good story, I seen the potential in it and I feel if it was longer we could have got more character depth and really fell for Sebastian and Mia together. I could understand Mia’s hesitancy at the end. She was still so young and that was the only way she could process the upcoming changes, I just wish she didn’t run but then they always do. I liked Sebastian’s POV at the end and thought it would be even better if it was throughout the story. He was hard to get a handle on and I didn’t initially like him as he was a young Hugh Hefner type character that slept with his staff. His change was a bit too sudden to be convincing but I did like Mia so it was easy to go along with it. I only had one little factual niggle, however, it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the story. I liked the author’s writing; I started this story late at night and immediately wanted to read on. The pace felt a little uneven at times and I felt it was a bit rushed toward the end but it still made for a good read. If you like the rich CEO storylines then this book is definitely for you. It’s quick, enjoyable and leaves you wanting more.