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  • How I Toppled Western Civilization on Dec. 15, 2011

    Hanstedt's writing style makes compelling use of the first person perspective. The frank candor of his character, Bueren, helps one to relate to the character, even if his values are less than laudable at times, and the voice Hanstedt uses draws his reader in, always curious to see what Bueren says or thinks about his situation. The plot is interesting, and most of the book is a page-turner. The combination of mystery and action is captivating. The technological/philosophical foundation of the secret organization Bueren finds himself working for is refreshingly original and appealing to artists of the various mediums. It causes one to think about the balance of the maths and sciences that lead to our technological progress and the various art forms that add value to our lives. It will be interesting to see what other works this artist will produce as he progresses as a writer. LB Davis