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Hi everyone this is C.R.NIX I would like to thank everyone who has ever downloaded and read my work. I do hope you are entained when your finnished reading. I have major surgery the 20th of sept. To say im scared beyond words is an understatement. If you belive in a higher power and would like to offer up a prayer that i make it thought this that would be most kind. Or if you belive in nothing then maybe just a kind thought would make some differance somehow.Also i would like to take a moment to encouage you to vote Dem. this Nov. If you wish to know why just ask yourself if you can name five things the repubicain party has done for you to improve your life if your a working person or poor and if you can't come up with five then please vote Dem. even with your state officals ask yourself the same thing esspessaly you my fellow foridains...Do you want more of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer? if you don't please vote dem. I answer all emails wolfdreamer602@hotmail.com Thank you all C.R.Nix

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