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I want to write. I want to lose myself in compelling narratives and adventures as they unfold in my mind and spill onto pages which will invariably result in a book by the time I am done.
Writing started for me as a way to pass the time whenever I ran out of reading material or wanted to get rid of excess creative energy (I was an artist specializing in the painting medium (still am).
Before I knew it, I was in love with the new freedom I could find only by putting pen to paper (or rather, fingers to a key-board). I wanted to delineate the characters I had dreamed into existence on a two dimensional surface with 3D fluidity.
I have no idea if I have succeeded in this initial feat, but now I mainly long to see where they will take me to next.
Of course I want much more than that as writing the story is only the first step for me. I want to present my books to the world in a fashion that captures the market for which they were intended. I want intrepid readers to meet the characters I have fallen in love with and perhaps, fall in love with them too.

Dear reader,

please let me know your impressions and thoughts by entering a rating and your opinion after reading my work.

Thanking you in advance,

Chris Adonn

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Price: Free! Words: 28,570. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: April 15, 2014. Category: Fiction » Romance » Adult
When past and present collide at a speed date of all places, Julia Kincaid does what she does best; she heads for the nearest exit. Only Michael Winthrop has other plans for her. He wants to pick-up where they left off. As friends. Only she never saw him as just a friend, he was the guy she dreamed of marrying some day.
The Catalyst - A Balancer Chronicle
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 34,520. Language: English. Published: May 1, 2012. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
Raife Eriksson, centuries old balancer, is ready to retire from his covert job as Primary Helper and pretty soon he’ll be able to retire from life altogether. Unfortunately, some unforeseen events cause him to rethink his plans. James Blackburne, formally a balancer, is ready to live out a normal life and make amends for the unfair hand he dealt to a loved one...
Legacy - Book One of the Balancer Chronicles
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 142,300. Language: English. Published: April 9, 2011. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
Katrina Blake is an immortal, she just doesn’t know it yet. She is a balancer, and she’s about to discover this news in the most mind-blowing way imaginable. In the pages of her ancestor’s journal, lie the answers to questions which have confounded her for years and, the beginnings of a relationship which will alter the course of her life forever.
The Eyes that See - A Prelude to the Balancer Chronicles
Price: Free! Words: 17,990. Language: English. Published: March 28, 2011. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
Adam Smith, member of The Eyes that See, a centuries old secret society dedicated to documenting the supernatural in all its forms, has just stumbled across something monumental. He has found proof of balancers. Fredrick Bradfield, head of the South African division of The Eyes, wants nothing more than to present this find to the elders. Unfortunately, doing so could mean the end of the order....

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  • Smashwords Style Guide on April 02, 2011

    Absolute must-have for the first-time author and publisher. Thanks, Mark, I'd have been lost without this book!
  • Love Immortal on April 07, 2011
    (no rating)
    I enjoyed the video very much and found the beginning of the book to be very intriguing. Ultimately the book was more appropriate to a younger audience than myself, and there were some parts I found unnecessary. So I'll refrain from giving a rating as I do not wish detract from the five star ratings. I think this author could go a long way with this story and I would like to see her do so. I think her writing style is developing well. Keep up the good work and keep honing your skill. P.S. I love that there was a scientific reason for Collin's longevity. Bravo!
  • A Cowboy For Christmas on May 19, 2011

    A Cowboy for Christmas was engaging and the characters were interesting. There was some room for betterment, especially regarding Brent’s confession. I felt that it fell flat and was not plotted and written in a way that made me understand the big deal. Also, the incident between Jumper and Jeffrey seemed like a mere space filler that served very little purpose. In light of the fact that this was kept in the book, I’d have liked the arc regarding this event and the reactions and feelings of the protagonists, to have been a little more developed in a way that could have led the story on and told the reader more about them. As with most Self-published books, there were a handful of typos, but not so many as to detract from the enjoyment of the read. I feel that the writer did attempt to polish up the grammar and spelling to the best of her abilities. All in all, I found this to be a pleasant love story. I do not regret purchasing it. It held my interest and kept me reading until the end.
  • Maid for the Billionaire on June 12, 2011

    I picked this book while looking for some easy reading to help me fall asleep. Boy, was that a mistake! I could not let go of the story until I had read the very last page. Ruth Cardello is an amazing writer. She connects with the reader in a way that not many new authors do. I found the main characters to be very well developed and utterly interesting. I even like the villain (Stephan), as she has hinted that there is more to his desire to destroy Dominic than mere professional rivalry. My only complaint is that I want the next book NOW. Yes I'm like a dog with a bone when I discover a new voice that captivates me as you have. A well deserved Five Stars. P.S. I think you have way more than three stories in this series as even the minor characters capture one's imagination. I'd love to hear Zhang's story and getting to know Mrs. Duhamel better would be a real treat.
  • For Love or Legacy (Book 2: The Legacy Collection) on Aug. 21, 2011

    Many words could describe this book: Romantic, witty, fun, engaging…. But the description I really want to use is; un-put-down-able! This is a love story that had me hooked from start to finish. Ruth Cardello has a real gift for knowing just what the romance reader craves and delivering in spades! Her first book in the Legacy Collection, Maid for the Billionaire, was brilliant; this book surpassed that brilliance in ways that leave me in awe. Nicole and Stephan are the kind of characters that define a great romance; they are larger than life but they are also so human and flawed, that one believes in them and roots for them. The supporting characters are charming and intriguing and leave the reader wanting to know their back stories too. All in all, I strongly recommend this book and cannot wait to read the next gem in this series!
  • Dating A Metro Man (Book 4 of the Never Too Late Series) on Nov. 13, 2011

    Aside from the typos, I found this to be an enjoyable and light-hearted read. It was good to see the series end with Seth and Jenna's eventual rekindling of their long suffering romance. Well done to the author creating and concluding this steamy sweet series so nicely.
  • Compromising Positions on Nov. 15, 2011

    This was an enjoyable and light hearted read. It was also a rather interesting portrayal of the Washington political scene. The love story aspect was rather sweet and refreshing in that it was not the usual "middle class beauty meets and gets swept off her feet by millionaire playboy who has met his match". I recommend this to anyone who likes contemporary romance with a bit of drama and heat thrown in the mix.
  • Compromising Positions on Nov. 15, 2011

    Odd.... I wrote up a review and it has not shown up.
  • Torn on Dec. 27, 2011

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In fact I read almost non-stop from start to finish. Not an average romance novel by a long shot! The emotional elements were complicated and sometimes downright messy, but so well communicated that they provoked thought, rather than exasperation. There was a bit of everything in this read; form bittersweet nostalgia to steamy passion to harsh confrontation and betrayal to a smart and satisfying conclusion. The writing was well above average. The characters, satisfactorily developed. The humour, delightful. The sex scenes, riveting. The romance and overall story, captivating. I’m giving it five stars. In my opinion, a well deserved five stars.
  • A Holiday to Remember on Jan. 28, 2012

    A light romantic read with some very likeable characters, especially Major. The various authors worked well together. I felt the ending was a little rushed and Mitch's explanation was somewhat lacking. I expected it to be more laced with pain. That said, I did enjoy the story and would read more books by the Roses of Prose.
  • Imbolc in Michigan on Jan. 31, 2012
    (no rating)
    Lilac, as you have asked for pointers I am going to forgo on giving you a rating and promptly jump right in with my two cents worth. Centred text is not pleasant to read unless it serves a purpose. Refer to the Smashwords style guide (its free here at Smashwords) with regards to your formatting and layout. Your grammar (all aspects thereof) and vocabulary need serious work. I would personally suggest that you invest in language handbooks and study guides. They are most helpful to anyone who wishes to understand the nuances of a language. If you are serious about writing, I recommend reading. Read various books in various genres by various authors. Lastly, keep writing. The more you do it, the better you will get at it.
  • Help Wanted on Feb. 01, 2012

    I did not expect much when I downloaded this book as I’ve come to expect that the average free erotic book is nothing more than a poor storyline and some formulaic bump-and-grind. I WAS SO WRONG! This is not your average erotic read by a long shot. The plot is interesting and original, the sex is astonishingly inspired and as steamy as it gets, the characters are engaging and fascinating and, best of all, this author can write! Meg Silver knows just how to mesh prose and creativity in a way that is utterly engaging on many levels. Bravo! By the way, the follow-up books don’t fail to impress either.
  • The New Girl on Feb. 01, 2012

    Well written and very compelling.
  • At Her Command on Feb. 01, 2012

    Each new book in this series skilfully ups the ante and makes the reader wish to plunge into the next instalment.
  • The Virgin Proxy on Feb. 02, 2012

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story of Guy and Deorwynn is a must-read for any lover of erotic historical romance with an enthralling storyline. The author never missed a beat. The writing style was just right and effortless to follow. I especially loved the witty banter between the characters. My only suggestion would be that Ms. Fox release one free book so that readers who do not yet know of her great talent might take the plunge and lose themselves in the rich world she paints with words.
  • All Of Her on Feb. 20, 2012

    Man oh man! This author knows how to write a riveting series. The plot thickens, the suspense is palpable and the characters are growing more and more complex. What a wickedly wonderful web Ms. Silver has weaved!!!
  • A Sad, Sad Symphony on June 04, 2012

    A Sad, Sad Symphony was skilfully written but, to me, it felt somewhat disjointed, (the sudden jump to the past with no overture) and incomplete. There was much time spent on creating mood and expressing emotion. This was very powerfully and eloquently done. Bravo. However, the storyline did not go far. For lack of a better description, I felt as though I was catching bits of a movie. I’d missed the beginning, most of the middle and this was the last 15 minutes. That said, perhaps I failed to see the point. I would recommend that anyone who is interested in reading this work, do so. It is a quick read and the prose is quite powerful. It expresses the desperate passion of the protagonist beautifully.
  • Bedding the Billionaire on July 07, 2012

    The third book in the Legacy series is now my new favourite. Each new book surpasses the last and that’s saying something since the first was brilliant. I laughed out loud many times thanks to the witty banter between the characters. I loved each relationship and really loved getting to see Dominic and Abby again. Well written, well formatted, and very hard to put down. It deserves 5 stars.
  • One To Watch on July 13, 2012

    Loved Book Five (One to Watch) but, I must admit, the suspense is killing me! LOL. I'm sure it will be worth the wait as Ms Silver has not disappointed with this series. Her writing-style is engrossing and all the characters are so interesting it's pleasure to get to know them better (or try to in Thomas's case). I strongly recommend this book to any reader who loves a great storyline with loads of mystery and scorching hot explicit sex scenes.
  • Into Her Fire on Sep. 05, 2012

    You know you're onto something great when a series grips you at book one and simply gets better with each new installment! Meg Silver delivered once again, and boy, did she deliver! "Into Her Fire" upped the ante and the intrigue beyond anything I could have imagined. Just when you think you might be figuring out where the story is headed, you get sucker-punched into a new and better direction. I love that it's not predictable. Now more than ever I find my self so invested in the main characters that I can't imagine stopping until the series concludes! As usual, the writing and story flows seamlessly and pulls you in until you are so immersed that you can't believe you've read the book without coming up for air even once. I equate it to an Alice down the rabbit hole experience. Bravo!
  • All The Queen's Men on Feb. 17, 2013

    Meg has done it again. This author never fails to deliver a riveting story. In this installment she offers the reader a gripping journey into a forbidden world of danger, mystery, lust and understated but powerful emotion. I rate this series as some of the best written erotica around. The writing style is eloquent in a gritty, sexy way that never gets tiring. The story is fast-paced and exiting. The lead characters... Hot is just one of the many words that come to mind. As a reader I can't get enough.