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  • Dead Eye: Pennies for the Ferryman on Oct. 01, 2009

    I'm a fan of the genre, but rarely see stories as well-told. Love the characters, love the world, love the adventures. Despite the supernatural elements of the story, there's little suspension of disbelief, as Mike Ross himself is so believable. I've paid a lot more money in the past for books by "mainstream" publishers, that were not nearly up to this level of quality. I'm always delighted to find a new author, especially one good enough that I'll actively seek out whatever they write.
  • The Engines of Dawn on Nov. 05, 2009

    Wow! What a read! Great characters, social exploration, plot twists - it reads almost like "Hard SF" without bogging down in heavy science elements, focusing on the social issues, adventures, and interactions of the characters. The feel was similar to Robert Heinlein, with a little Andre Norton, but with a more modern style, and told through the author's own distinctive voice. Read the excerpt, had to buy it, couldn't stop reading.
  • Karma Kommandos on Nov. 05, 2009

    Excellent , and really fun read - another page-turner. A little bit reminiscent of Neal Stephenson's not-quite-cyberpunk, mixed with a little high-energy pulp, combined with a surprising bit of commentary on our own capacity for growth. The gimmicks and gadgets, the atmosphere, the flawed but likable hero, the myriad disparate bits of plot that all weave together in the end... well worth the read.
  • The Last to Fall on Aug. 06, 2011

    Dark, strange and wonderful. As always, it left me hungry for more.