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Smashwords book reviews by Daisy McGibbon

  • Jaspa's Journey: The Great Migration on Sep. 15, 2012

    A fantastic read for kids and adults alike. I bought it for my nephews, but once I picked it up I couldn't put it down. I was captivated from page one. The characters are well-developed and easy to get attached to. They are swept along from one adventure to the next and it's impossible not to get swept along as well. And when it's all over, you just can't wait for more!
  • Jaspa's Journey 2: The Pride of London on Oct. 20, 2012

    I bought the first book in the series, Jaspa's Journey: The Great Migration, for my nephews when Rich Meyrick did an appearance at my local bookstore. I thought I'd give it a quick look before I passed it on to them, and couldn't put it down. I was so excited to discover the second one was available, and downloaded it with great excitement. I wasn't disappointed. What a great follow-up to one of my favourite books ever. I love the new characters, I just wish all of them could be in all the books - they are so well developed, it's hard to leave them behind. The riddles that Ernest must solve to advance on 'The Path' are so clever and well thought out, I felt challenged to try to solve them before the Ses figured them out. The descriptions of London are brilliant, moving it high up on my bucket list of places to visit - right after the Serengeti, of course!