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  • Adrift (Callisto Series - Book 2) on July 07, 2011

    Do you like your damsels to watch nervously through thick lashes as the hero sweeps her off her feet and whisks her away from evil doers, intent on doing bad things, because she’s too shy and innocent to defend herself? Then Jasmine will be more than happy to disappoint you. This is one investigative journalist who knows how to look after herself. At least until her current job took a slightly unexpected turn. Enter the hero. Dashing, smart, brave, and self loathing... that’s right; Norik doesn’t like to subscribe to the normal stereotypes any more than the annoying woman he’s forced to share a room with on the trip back to his ship, the Callisto. All he wants is to be left alone to brood until he can get back to commanding his crew. However Norik will soon discover that this trip will be anything but peaceful. And not just because Jasmine can’t keep her nose out of his private life. For a first time author Erica Conroy has delivered exactly what she promised with the tagline; ‘Hearts will ache and heads will roll...’ Norik is haunted by his past and tries to keep Jasmine from getting passed his emotional walls with almost as much determination as he fights to keep them both alive, and Jasmine discovers a genuine desire to help that somewhat overrides her natural tendency to do whatever it takes to find the truth of a subject. Through their shared ordeal they both learn to open up and let someone see the people behind the mask their jobs require. Even the secondary characters, specifically the crew of the Callisto, have a richness that makes you truly believe they are a crew who have been through many adventures together before we’ve come across them. Callisto: Adrift has left me wanting more. More banter. More danger. More heads rolling. But most importantly, more adventures of the Callisto crew!