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I LOVE science fiction. I just can't wait until the future arrives. Send me recommendations for your favorite sci-fi books, and I'll send you mine.


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Smashwords book reviews by Davidos Santo

  • Re:union (Free Science Fiction eBook Short Story) on Jan. 24, 2011

    Personal and existential in a short package. This is a great little story that manages to deal with a catastrophic event with some pretty crazy results without being too obvious or direct about it. Great read.
  • Terrene: the Hidden Valley on March 08, 2011

    Fun adventure sci fi with a well thought out backdrop dealing with climate change: This reminds me a little bit of Accelerando, by Charles Stross in that it actually explores a range of time and shows how the world changes in that period of time. However, this is both less aggressive and more focused than Accelerando. In focusing primarily on climate change and introducing the parallel story structure, Eric Liu is able to make this an easy, fun read. I blew through this rather quickly with minimal confusion (Accelerando, while brilliant, can sometimes be a chore to get through). At the end, I felt that everything came together well from both the characters and the overall world arc that was being explored. I look forward to finding more books from this author.