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Denny has been a fan of the Disney brothers since they opened Disneyland. in fact, he was there on opening day. Although he was only five years old, that visit created such an interest in the Disney Brothers and theme parks, that it lives on strong to this day in almost everything Denny does.

After a successful computer engineering career Denny retired in 2003. In 2006 he combined his interest in all things Disney plus his creative and engineering skills... to open Denny Magic Studios. Today that company stands as the only 'Dark-Ride-Designer' that offers original "Disney-Style" theme park products not available anywhere else, in the world.

Writing is such a large part of what we do here at Denny Magic Studios, it goes without saying that I was always a writer first, and everything else came as a result of writing. Now I have the pleasure of working with other talented writers who are responsible for many of our most popular children's stories such as "The Hero of Paris Valley" and "The Golden Horn" both written by our own very talented Jeannie Wood, or "Horse Sense" written by Kyle Axel. I hope you will stop by our company web site to see what a great job we have! We are truly blessed by the theme park Gods.

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