Di Jones


Born in Liverpool, Di started her working life as a librarian, and has worked in a variety of jobs since, but she says none were as much fun as the one that allowed her to write and get paid for it. That was a few years ago, and since then she's been working towards her dream of writing full time, a dream that first occurred to her at seventeen.

Like her characters, she loves her family and friends, beautiful shoes, anything sparkly, the ‘occasional’ drink, parties, and a good belly laugh. She's addicted to shopping, chocolate, bubble bath and anything else that smells nice, and the sort of TV programmes you’d never publicly admit to watching.

Di has lived in England, Canada, the Unites States, but now calls New Zealand home. She lives in a lovingly renovated home overlooking Auckland’s beautiful Waitemata Harbour, with her trusted friends Bronson Boxer and Dolce Dane. She says they keep her fit and exercised, scare the burglars away, sit loyally by her side throughout late night writing sessions, and hang on her every word when she reads final drafts aloud.

Di loves her life, but not so much that there’s not room to live a load of other lives, through the hearts and minds of her characters, all of whom she adores, and some of whom she's fortunate enough to call friend.

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