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  • The Next Thing I Knew on Jan. 22, 2012

    As the book begins Lucy suddenly realizes that she and everyone else in the world is dead. They are now in a mystical place which they call Heavenly but can return to earth where their bodies remain. The good thing is that they appear to be ghost like and fly. As Lucy and her friends decide to find out what happened to them they learn they can even travel into outerspace where they come upon some interesting and extremely freightening things. When I first started this book I thought that I wouldn't like it which turned out to be wrong. It's really a Sci-Fi/Paranormal with a little bit of Romance mixed in. With ghosts aliens,spaceships and alternate realms it pulled me in and kept my interest to find out what would happen next. The only thing that I didn't like was the ending which was kind of abrupt though it makes me hope that there will be a sequel to help smooth that out. I think that it's an easy read that's good for most ages.