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  • The Nature of Seduction on April 30, 2013

    Good read! Haven't enjoyed a book as much in a while
  • New Heart Church on May 20, 2013

    Very good, relatable and inspiring!Really enjoyed reading it
  • The Figures on May 28, 2013

    short good read
  • The Seduction of Gabriel Stewart on May 28, 2013

    What a brilliant read!
  • 101 Degrees Fahrenheit on May 28, 2013

    What a brilliant read wasn't expecting the twist at all!
  • Unforgiven Pleasure on May 28, 2013

    Great short read!
  • The Spirit of Love on May 30, 2013

    lovely short read.
  • Catching Caroline on May 30, 2013

    Such a good read!! Too short though, was left wanting more
  • The Cop And The Girl From The Coffee Shop on May 31, 2013

    Wow great writing! What a twist
  • Blind Date Save on June 18, 2013

    Enjoyed it
  • Claimed on June 18, 2013

    What a read!! Really enjoyed this story line.
  • Eternity Embraced on June 21, 2013

    Good read. very short though
  • The Change on June 30, 2013

    Couldn't finish it, a bit too much for me. But the attention to detail by the author, even in the explicit scene was applaudable. Great read if you like your erotica hardcore.
  • The Fake Husband on July 01, 2013

    Great read. Short and sweet
  • The Hunter Watches on July 02, 2013

    Very hot read
  • Reclaimed on July 03, 2013

    Really enjoyed this read. Can't wait to read the next part of it.
  • Loving The Fire Chief on July 05, 2013

    Cute and light hearted story
  • Kidnapped the Wrong Sister on July 10, 2013

    loved it!! What a read, really enjoyed it. what a whirlwind
  • Needing Nita on July 16, 2013

    Wat a great read! Absolutely enjoyed iy
  • Private Paradise on July 26, 2013

    Really enjoyed this book. Well written, very few errors. Loved the chemistry between the main characters!
  • Making Up on July 26, 2013

    Hmm interesting
  • Hearts Aflame Collection: 4-Book Bundle on Aug. 02, 2013

    Wasn't a fan of Christmas choices but the other three books i thoroughly enjoyed. Great collection!
  • Secret Santa on Aug. 04, 2013

    Was left wanting more so clearly this was a really good read. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • Nita Of Torco on Aug. 04, 2013

    Really enjoyed this book! Well developed plot, hot characters
  • Wicked: Tempt Me Not [Wicked Series Book 1] on Aug. 06, 2013

    Absolutely enjoyed this book!Highly recommend it
  • This Time Around on Aug. 06, 2013

    Seriously assumed i would enjoy this book, but found it a little off. The characters had potential but somehow never reached my expectations. An interesting story-line non the less.
  • The Lawman on Aug. 08, 2013

    Loved it is all i have to say. Solid story line, Pleasantly surprised by how much i got engrossed into the book.
  • Texas Tornado on Aug. 09, 2013

    Fast paced story. Really enjoyed it, captivated my attention, couldn't put it down
  • Chains of Frost: The Bellum Sisters 1 on Aug. 14, 2013

    Was a bit disappointed by this book, the storyline didn't draw me in as much as i thought it would. Enjoyed chloe's encounter with her protector though.
  • Hot Secrets on Aug. 30, 2013

    Really enjoyed the book, quite tense storyline kept me interested. Especially loved the male lead
  • Hanchart Land on Sep. 01, 2013

    Loved this storyline enough to not be bothered by anything else. Really enjoyed the book
  • Almost a Bride (Wyoming Wildflowers Book 1) on Sep. 02, 2013

    Really enjoyed it!
  • All That He Wants (The Billionaire's Seduction Part 1) on Sep. 03, 2013

    What a tease almost screamed when realised i was on the last page. Really enjoyed it
  • Sexy Berkeley on Sep. 05, 2013

    Didn't really enjoy this book, guess it wasn't to ny taste. Liked the general storyline though.
  • Taken by Storm (Beyond Ontariese 1) on Sep. 08, 2013

    I was presently surprised by this read. Really loved the characters and the chemistry between them especially the female lead. And of course it was steamy
  • Ecstasy Overload on Sep. 12, 2013

    Very hot read! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Very short though expected more
  • First Vision of Destiny - Alicia on Sep. 12, 2013

    Really enjoyed this book. Can't wait to read the rest of the series especially the one with daisy's story!
  • Reckless Nights in Rome on Sep. 16, 2013

    Should have never read this book so late in the night, slept late cause i just couldn't put the book down. Loved it! The plot, the characters where all on point. Wrapped up pretty quick at the end but still enjoyed it more than any other book I've read recently.
  • Pieces on Sep. 17, 2013

    Ahhhh literally screamed at the end of this book, sooo didn't want it to end. Great writing can't wait to read more from this author.
  • Maid for the Billionaire on Sep. 25, 2013

    Wow! This has to be one of my all time favourite books. Incredible writing
  • Melting Point on Sep. 25, 2013

    hot short read. enjoyed it
  • Legal Action on Sep. 25, 2013

    Liked the storyline but never felt involved in the story.
  • All I Want for Christmas is You on Oct. 02, 2013

    Nice story, very lighthearted in that i didn't really get pulled into the story. Great storyline
  • The Lion Tamer on Oct. 02, 2013

    Hot read, good and short!
  • A Sinful Proposal, The Billionaire Seduction Series Part 1 on Oct. 02, 2013

    interesting read, not too keen on the ending though
  • Marriage by Mistake on Oct. 07, 2013

    Loved this storyline! thoroughly enjoyed it, got really involved in the story. I do agree that the cover does not do this book any justice AT ALL and the Troy storyline was really annoying cause it kept coming in at peak moments in Dean and Kelly's relationship had to skip over it.
  • The Highlander's Hope - A Contemporary Romance (THE HUNT) on Oct. 07, 2013

    Book definitely had a good dramtic ending wasn't a fan of the beginning since it didn't really draw me in.
  • Dream Lover on Oct. 08, 2013

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was barely what i expected it to be, and such a roller coaster of emotions at the end.
  • The Tycoon's Convenient Wife on Oct. 09, 2013

    Enjoyed reading this book. Was a little hesitant at first but quickly got captivated by the plot.
  • The Mating (The original Law of the Lycans story) on Oct. 10, 2013

    Can't believe i was putting on hold reading this book. Thoroughly enjoyed it! The plot, the characters and everything was just well thought out and written. Got so immersed in the book. Can't wait to read the rest of the books by this author.
  • The Keeping on Oct. 14, 2013

    Definitely enjoyed 'the mating' more than 'the keeping' but really loved how the author has managed to link both books successfully and creating such an interesting story line that has so much potential to go on. Can't wait to get started on the next book.
  • The Finding on Oct. 17, 2013

    If i could applaud the writer i would! Seriously best series I've read in ages. What a way to end it as well. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. There was so much happening in this book yet it all came together and made for an amazing read! Nothing about this book was predictable and it went far beyond my expectations.
  • Lady Luck on Oct. 22, 2013

    Surprisingly liked the story. Liked the little twist at the end as well, hot read!
  • First Class to New York on Oct. 22, 2013

    Ahhhhh! haven't been more frustrated after reading a book, talk about a cliff hanger! thoroughly enjoyed this book, can't wait for the next one in this series! loved the storyline, very realistic
  • A Different Kind of Fairy Tale on Oct. 27, 2013

    I truly enjoyed this book because for once it didn't fall into the normal storyline where best friends are involved. This was unique and because of that I'm impressed
  • Maid for Love, The McCarthys of Gansett Island Series, Book 1 on Nov. 08, 2013

    Was really impressed by this book especially how the plot developed!
  • In The Moment on Nov. 26, 2013

    Really enjoyed this book, totally worth the late night read! Loved the story line and both of the main characters were well written with an impeccable chemistry between them.
  • In The Moment on Nov. 26, 2013

    Really enjoyed this book, totally worth the late night read! Loved the story line and both of the main characters were well written with an impeccable chemistry between them.
  • Obsessed, Possessed on Nov. 27, 2013

    Never been so infuriated by a book ending, really didn't want to end cause it left me so stunned! Thoroughly enjoyable and barely predictable.
  • Offshore on Nov. 29, 2013

    Fantastic! Loved everything about this book
  • Bewitching Hour on Dec. 01, 2013

    Amazing read! The story takes so many turns, so entrancing. Didn't think i would like it cause its a bit different form what i usually read, but couldn't be happier i read it!
  • Flown By The Billionaire on Dec. 02, 2013

    Good read!
  • A Moment on Dec. 03, 2013

    Got so entranced in this book, thoroughly enjoyed it. Got very emotional towards the end due to how realistic the storyline was. Well written
  • A New Orleans Haunting: #1 in the Suzy's Adventure Series (NOW COMPLETED!) (Paranormal Fantasy & Erotica) on Dec. 03, 2013

    Storyline didn't draw me in, left me kinda confused.
  • Saving Grace on Dec. 14, 2013

    Absolutely one of the best reads i have read in a while. Thought plot was solid and the! Definitely recommending this book and author. Even better second time round!
  • Carved In Stone on Dec. 29, 2013

    It was a good enough read for me not to put it down. Wasn't totally entranced or drawn in by the storyline
  • Raining In My Heart on Dec. 29, 2013

    Maybe its because this wasn't my typical read but i felt really dissappointed after reading this book, hence not as eager to read the rest of the series. However i am curious as to who Caleb is because he embodies their ------. That's a twist that might make things interesting
  • The Draglen Brothers - DRAKEN (BK 1) on Dec. 30, 2013

    I liked the story line in general of this book, it was something different. However i was not all that drawn in or impressed by the leading characters considering how enticing the story line seems. The girl could have been older to give her character some depth and maturity, a bit more of a background story so as to justify why she was worth all the fuss made over her. The male role well was well written to some extent but again their actual relationship didn't really develop enough outside their HOT coupling. Not too excited about the rest of the series if im honest.
  • Man Seeks Woman - Man Seeks Woman 1 on Dec. 30, 2013

    Maybe i should have read the whole book but was seriously put off by the female leads character and how she perceived herself. Didn't feel drawn in to keep reading, so disappointed.
  • Whatever He Desires (In the Arms of the Billionaire) on Jan. 02, 2014

    Really well wrtten! and surprising twist
  • Texas Tides on April 21, 2014

    Having read a previous book from this author i had high expectations of this book. I was seriously disappointed though. The story was really hard to keep track of because there was no paragraphing to indicate a change of scene or day, which made it very confusing for me to read and made it hard to enjoy the story. Story line itself didn't really draw me in and felt rushed
  • Tangled Beauty on April 21, 2014

    What a tangled mess. First book i've read by this author and i enjoyed it! The end felt a bit rushed but the storyline was such a roller coaster an abrupt ending was probably best. looking forward to reading more by this author
  • Ethan’s Mate (Book One: The Vampire Coalition) on April 21, 2014

    Well written and captivating story line, should really have not left it till so late in the night to make a start on the book because i just couldn't put it down! Such a different and refreshing take on a paranormal romance, i loved it. Can't wait to read the rest
  • Midnight Sex Shop on April 22, 2014

    I have no idea why im the only one to rate this book but wow. Loved the way the story was written, totally hot! Such a twisted romantic tale, with the main focus being sex as the title insinuates. Im yet to be disappointed by this author
  • Black Silk on June 12, 2014

    Really thought i would enjoy this story based on the reviews but couldn't even get myself to finish the book. My main issue was with the writing style because the book is only written from one characters perspective it made it really annoying and boring to read. A different narrative would have created the tension and chemistry between the two characters which this book lacked. I am a sucker for a paranormal romance but this one was really dissappointing
  • A Holiday to Remember on June 12, 2014

    It's a typical heart warming romance, a bit dissappointed by the actual revelation but generally well written.
  • Bound by Blood on June 27, 2014

    Really enjoyed this story, totally different from most of the paranormal romance stories i have read in the past. And in this case different was actually a good thing. It is well written and easily fell in love with the characters. Will be interesting to see how the story progresses within the series.
  • Paramount on June 27, 2014

    Well written, got hooked so much by the story that i was really disappointed by the time i got to the last page. So much drama is crammed into this one book, such heartbreak, making for a somewhat interesting read. Lives up to its title
  • Unbroken on Aug. 11, 2014

    Interesting enough, realistic heartfelt storyline
  • Abby Has Gone Wild on Aug. 27, 2014

    Wow absolutely loved it, really hot read as well but the storyline was well thought out and written. couldn't put the book down
  • The Token Series: A Billionaire Dark Romantic Suspense: Box Set (Books 1-3) on Aug. 29, 2014

    Feel largely cheated that after 3 volumes it was a cliff hanger however that just proves how much I enjoyed this series. The storyline was impeccable good creative writing. Loved it!
  • The Tycoon's Make-Believe Fiancée on Sep. 19, 2014

    Great storyline, only complaint is that it is really short, characters could have been developed more. This Would have definitely made it less cliched
  • The Sheik's Defiant Fiancée on Sep. 19, 2014

    Loved it! Brilliant story, heart warming, funny and loved both the leading characters.
  • The Italian's Passionate Return on Sep. 20, 2014

    Enjoyed it. Not the best book I've read by the author but still a nice heart warming romance.
  • The Prince's Resistant Lover on Sep. 21, 2014

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book, and liked how it neatly linked to the other two stories which I had read prior to this one.
  • The Sheik's Dangerous Lover on Sep. 21, 2014

    Enjoyed this read, it was funny and at the same time had a solid storyline and intriguing characters. Really enjoying the simplicity of books by this author.
  • Perfectly Shattered on Sep. 24, 2014

    It was good, a bit dissapointed in the end because there was such a build up to the revelation of the female leads story but kinda fell flat in the end. Solid storyline though and the other characters in the book were well written.
  • One Night with a Billionaire on Nov. 25, 2014

    Wow ! So excitexcitereaf what comes next! Love almost all the books I've read by this author and this one is just on another level!
  • The Chef's Choice on Dec. 18, 2014

    Great read, surprising take on a storyline that could have been a cliche.
  • Legal Ease, Book One in the Sutton Capital Series on Dec. 18, 2014

    had a lot to say but simply Loved it
  • Say When on Dec. 18, 2014

    Interestingw read!
  • Feels Like Home: A Southerland Family Contemporary Romance Book 1 on Dec. 18, 2014

    Enjoyed reading this book
  • The Cat Between Her Thighs (Taboo Erotica Shifter Fantasy) on March 09, 2015

  • The Finish Line on March 11, 2015

    Really well written story, enjoyed it
  • Everything She Wants on March 11, 2015

    Good twist, enjoyed it