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Smashwords book reviews by Emma McGarvey

  • Witch, Book Four of the Devil's Roses Series on Aug. 24, 2012

    Wonderful book! The proof reading was much better, still the odd mistake but if he's sexy we'll let him off! Can't wait for the final instalment, have loved the series and will enjoy re-reading them again and again. Looking forward to your other work
  • The Light Of The World on Nov. 13, 2012

    Absolutely love this. I was disappointed when I found out Death was being put on hold for this as I am a huge fan of the Devils Roses, but now I am over the moon! This book is brilliant, it had me from the beginning and really feeling for Rayne and getting lost with her, crying with her and feeling her confusion! This book is fantastic and a must read, Tara Brown's work keeps getting better
  • Witch, Book Four of the Devil's Roses Series on Jan. 06, 2013

    Love this book and this whole series. I read it a while ago and just forgot to write a review :-/. It is a fabulous read, that leaves you wanting more. The characters are very well developed and my mind enjoys creating them and playing out what I am reading. Which in my eyes, is a true sign of a brilliant book
  • Death (Book 5 in the Devil's Roses Series) on Jan. 06, 2013

    Absolutely brilliant. I couldn't put this book down. It answers all the question that have been left unanswered throughout the series. I didn't see the ending coming at all! To me, these stories have been written by a person who loves to write and does it from a passion perspective, not just about the money! The characters are all people that have developed with the stories and that you grow to love, hate or both. I have my favourites and mace cried and laughed along with the characters many a time. Fantastic series which leaves me wanting more. I shall read it again and again and again. You picture the characters and the whole story and so the fantasy and unbelievable world comes to life and is real while you are reading.
  • Vengeance, The Blood Trail Chronicles on Jan. 19, 2013

    Love, love, love it. The love affairs are written so well that you can't help have a love/hate relationship with them all. I would love to Amellia she rocks :) and why can't u have Arten??? Brilliantly written, keeps you hooked as reading it continuously and the ending just makes you want to shout and scream :)
  • The Lonely on Jan. 27, 2013

    Wow, just wow. Amazing!!! The way this is written you will never be able to see all the twists and turns. It will keep you turning the pages and trying to figure it all out. I am a huge fan Tara's work and have enjoyd every book so far and will continue to read her new releases. However I was a little sceptical as it is a drastic change from herbother books I wasn't sure I would enjoy it. When it comes to Erotica and romance Sylvia Day is my first choice. However, I loved that the story line took presidence over the erotica side as I often find books lose the story just to describe the sexual side. I felt every character evolved and that they were all essential to the plot. The sex scenes were excellently written and shows true skill for an author not to overstep the mark into seedy. All my sceptasism is now aroded and hope that Tara will branch out into this genre more often.
  • Blackwater on March 24, 2013

    Absolutely awesome read. I have loved all of Tara's books and get apprehensive when a new one comes out as I don't see how they can get any better. BUT, she doesn't fail. This book has just the right amount of twists and turns. Incredibly sexy read with characters that you can relate to and feel for. Mr Whitlock, what a man and with a Scottish accent he gets you feeling this a book shouldn't. It leaves you wanting more, as Tara does with all her reads! I can't wait for the 2nd book. I can't recommend this book enough, especially if you are a fan of the devils roses :)
  • The End of Me on May 04, 2013

    I was lucky enough to get an ARC but I will not provide any spoilers! Wow! The sign of a good book to me is when I can read it on my phone, not get bored and have to continue reading it. When I finish a book within the space of 24 hours while working and being a mum - you know it's a worth while read! Tara's writing continues to progress with every release, the ARC did have some errors however I am sure these will be rectified before released. The characters develop at the correct pace, you are constantly wondering who to side with, who to love and who to hate!!! Tara is an evil woman, but a fabulous author as she leaves the story at just the right place and leaves you wanting the 2nd release immediately. Immense read, I went through every emotion I possibly could and yes people you will need some tissues and water proof mascara! It is a fantastic read, your feelings for the characters change throughout the book and so are left feeling as Evie does, confused and horny :) and it leaves you wanting more with every chapter.
  • Redeemers on June 16, 2014

    I will not spoil this magnificent read for you so this review is going to be short and sweet. Yet another fantastic read which leaves you wanting more! I have been a roses fan from day 1 and was scepitcal when I found out about a 'branch off' but both blackwater witches and midnight covern were amazing and a great addition. Now when we add Redeemers it's like the characters are our best friends! Ensure you have read the whole series before reading this so you get the most from it! So many twists and turns that you just don't see coming, but that make so much sense when you think back :) Once again Tara has done it and made a book I can read again and again and still get the emotions I have this first time round.