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  • The Ascension Papers - Book 1 on June 07, 2012

    A rare and important gem! This book caused a delicious stir of the miraculous in my life. And the wisdom to know I created it through attraction... Some of the concepts are not new, yet presented in a way that, for me, made them sink from a cognitive level (where they have lurked since I started my spiritual journey 12 years ago) straight into the very cells of my body. They have solidified into my being, my approach to Life. The writing is contemporary, relevant, a voice for NOW in this era of global uncertainty and hopeless human fumbling. For those craving "proof" of the logical kind, The Ascension Papers will surprise and trip up your what-ifs; there was not a single question that arose for me in relation to this work, that Zingdad and Friends did not proceed to answer shortly thereafter. There were even parts where I would start out with a "yeh right" kind of feeling and then proceed to embrace it with tears rolling down my cheeks, moved by the Spirit that shines THROUGH this book, regardless of the author. My partner's life went through a revolution as a result of the reading of this book almost year ago and he has since made incredible life changes in order to be able to personally attend an Ascension School series with Zingdad himself. Even my teenage daugther drew a pictorial model of the key concepts that entranced her as we discussed them. We often re-read sections, discuss it with friends and argue points in book clubs. This book is a part of our lives now. The Ascension Papers is a delightful mix of Spirit and Mind and explains, in part, why Zingdad's following is blossoming around the world despite his insistence that he is no master, no teacher. He is. If you are ready for your soul and life to evolve a step or more, get this book now!
  • Saucy Selection on June 07, 2012

    I am a heterosexual female wanting to explore my own boundaries around the sexual and how its creative energy fits our societal constraints. And so the reading of Saucy Selection... Hmmm, I am not quite sure how this will amend my model of the world, but certainly the most thrilling research I have ever undertaken! I found White cotton panties deliciously erotic, and The Black Out even held a little lesson for me as a bit of a perfectionist work-a-holic myself. I cannot wait to, well, slurp up Vivi's other 2 books!
  • Come With Me on June 07, 2012

    I am a heterosexual female wanting to explore my own boundaries around sexuality and how its creative energy fits our societal constraints. It is proving to be the most thrilling research I have ever undertaken! After reading Saucy Selection, I simply had to read Vivi's other books and I started with this one. Wow-ee! Not for the faint-hearted. Dripping erotica, exciting, thought-provoking and plain thrilling. I loved almost all the stories, both the couple that were not so in-your-face erotic as well as the ones I found most erotic: 'Come with me' and 'My Pet'... I found myself wishing I was the subject of 'Warrior Woman of my heart'. A few of the stories pushed the limits for me personally (e.g. Dr P's Amazing Chair and Packing Plastic), but then, it gave me some insight re the goal of my research. I am new at exploring this side of the female psyche and if I had to be honest, my own most secret fantasies would probably be as scary to others! This is what I think is the free-ing aspect of expressing one's innermost fantasies - not in the actual doing of them, but in the fun-filled sharing through a safe medium such as a book, for others to enjoy en test their own boundaries against. What I enjoyed most about this book overall, was the quality of writing and the variety of themes, with some incredibly surprising insights scattered throughout. Also the candid mechanics - especially for someone like myself to whom some of the toys were 'new'. I even read a few of the stories with my partner and he enjoyed them too, creating a very sweet little naughty bit/s of sauciness in our bedroom as a result. Thanks Vivi : ) I will have to wait a while before I expose myself to Vivi's other book; to give my heart (and my partner) a bit of a rest. Hot, hot stuff!!