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E.G. FOLEY is the pen name for a husband-and-wife writing team who live in Pennsylvania. They have been finishing each other's sentences since Ronald Reagan was President and New Wave music was cool, so it was only a matter of time until they were writing together, too.

"E" is a 7th-8th grade teacher of students who regularly use more than 10% of their brains, world traveler, ice cream connoisseur, and martial arts enthusiast. "G" loves big books and small fluffy creatures, and if she hadn't become a writer, would have pursued a career as either a princess or a spy - or possibly both. With four million copies of her books sold in fifteen languages around the world, she has been hitting bestseller lists with her historical fiction for grown-up ladies for many years.

Visit us on the web at www.EGFoley.com.

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The Lost Heir Trailer
Official book trailer for THE LOST HEIR, Book 1 of The Gryphon Chronicles series for ages 10 & Up, by NYT Bestselling author E.G. Foley. See www.EGFoley.com for more info.


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