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  • Astra: The Harrowing on Nov. 16, 2011

    After having read the first two in this series I chompin' at the bit to sing my teeth into this one. I was checking the site every couple of days. First let me say, if you have not read the first books in the series go do that first. This is not really a book that makes a lot of sense without the back story provided by the first two INCREDIBLE books. Now having said that I want to stress that I like this book allot. I found the loose ends were tied up pretty nicely although a couple of choices only make sense if there will be another series. Having said that I think there is some real potential for future use of the tesserach. They will need it to survive the next onslaught from a new enemy. As good as these books have been, I have 2 major criticisms to make. In the first two I was very pleased to see judicious use of sexuality that was really necessary to the story line and very little coarse language and I was quick to praise Mrs Eskra for maintaining that high standard while writing two extremely good books. In this third book however I was VERY disappointed to see the amount of swearing that both served no purpose and departed significantly from the standards set in the first two. There was nothing in the plot requiring it that couldn't have been handled in a more professional manner. In the first two books what sexuality there was furthered the plot line in important ways. In this third volume it seemed like most was placed there merely to titillate rather than explore Important plot points. As much as I enjoyed the book as a whole, I was VERY disappointed by these two issues and sincerely hope it will be remedied in the future or I will likely stop reading and supporting this otherwise FINE Author. Regards, Night Rider GP
  • John Smith, World Jumper Book One: Portal to Adventure on Sep. 27, 2012

    Since I am a huge Burroughs fan I thought the writing style is great, and I much prefer books without all the swearing and sex in vogue today. I really enjoyed the story and am eager for more, just can't find it yet. Keep up the good work.