Graeme Hague


I've been a professional writer and musician since the 1990's (well... a working muso much earlier than that), meaning my first horror novel was published in 1993. I've since had another five novels published in Australia, all of which were also distributed through the UK by Hinkler Publishers. One of my books, Missing Pieces, has been very well received in Germany and I've since written another novel, A Clean Kill, for that publisher. However, because of my focus on the success in Germany I don't currently have books in print in Australia, a situation I'm not concerned about with the growing prevalence of Ebooks.
I live in the south west of Western Australia with my wife Lisa and two dogs. I write books, freelance articles on music and music production (like about studio gear and software) and I still occasionally get paid by local pubs and restaurants to sit in a corner, drink beer, play guitar and sing.

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