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Hello, there. I'm Gemma. I'm hoping that, since you are reading this, that you hope to download something I've written. To bad that at the moment I haven't uploaded anything!
I'm in high school. I get A's. Usually. I like reading and writing. I have brown hair. I am not good a describing myself. You have an imagination, don't you?

Right now you can find a draft of my novel, I Am Tree Girl (title pending) at

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  • Tribute on April 30, 2012

    A great, very short, story. I felt like I was missing something at the end; a little more detail about their situation would have me nice. Still, it was enough I didn't feel in the dark. Lovely.
  • Clockwise on April 30, 2012

    *spoilers* Wow! Clockwise is amazing! I read this book in just a few hours, and every time I got pulled away to do something else, I whined until no one wanted to be with me. I'm fairly sure they still don't. THAT is how much I love this book. I love Nate. I love all the characters! But Nate, I think, was my special favorite. He came in at all the right times, said the right things - even when he didn't,, like when he jumped into the fight at the meeting, I couldn't get enough. Samuel - there were two times when his role in the plot wanted to make me roll over with deliciousness: when he and Casey had just arrived in 1961 and he mentioned the car, a 1959 something something (I'm not a car person) and when he tells Casey his name in her backyard in her present. Just call him the plot-twist man. He's amazing! Casey was stong - but sometimes that wasn't enough. Twice, Nate had to come and rescue Casey because she "couldn't" do it herself. She's strong, got good reflexes, even athletic - but all she does is threaten to scream! I don't get it. It didn't seem like it was true, and I kept waiting for Casey to wake up and go, "well, that's another dream where Nate comes and saves me and then we fall in love. Too bad I woke up early." All in all, this book will be on my bookshelf for a long time. And once I'm not broke, I'll definitely buy the sequel!