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  • A Book of Dreams on March 23, 2011

    Peter Reich's book is an excellent one for everybody seeking truth. Peter displays in his writing a profound genuineness and a vulnerable soul that was cracked by the crime committed to his father - and to Peter. The taking away and killing of a blameless and loving father from his child is an archetypical and evil crime that has grave causes in the soul of the child. But the crime also cannot leave the perpetrators unharmed. In a world where everything is interconnected they will have to bear the consequences of their wrong-doing, too. My inner truth detector tells me that Wilhelm Reich has discovered something very profound about humanity and the universe. There is a unity of psyche and physique, of mind and body. One high-level expression of this unity is the Orgon that Wilhelm Reich postulated. This knowledge is exactly the reason why Peter's father was killed: the split particle-mind cannot stand the unified wave-mind discovering and telling the truth about the unity of the world. Much in the book indicates that Peter Reich was at the time of writing i split and striving for healing. It seems to me that at some time in his life he was on the edge between two world views, the universal one his father taught him and the other, the particle view, that the mainstream world tried to impose upon him. Maybe he still is on the edge. When he reviews his past, Peter seems unable to accept what he has experienced in person and what he has seen with his own eyes. His memory seems to be distorted so far that he resorts to describing what I consider genuine experience as events in a dream. I would like to tell Peter that I am convinced this is not a book of dreams, but a book of profound truth and reality. We need this truth now more than ever before. I hope he may soon return to believe in what is his genuine heritage.