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  • Mommy Can't You See..., His EYES Are Always On Me! on Oct. 06, 2011

    This is a book that documents the author's real-life childhood trauma. Telling her story serves the purpose of revealing, rather than concealing, the reality of universal human experience. I hope that readers will allow themselves to feel the pain they will feel as the author's experience resonates with their own. Who among us didn't have physical, emotional, and/or sexual violence against us in our childhood? If we honestly answer this tough question, then we can get to how we individually address our history, our reality, in a way that helps us. If we turn portions of our reality into a fantasy, as the author did and so many authors do, how does that really help? I applaud the author's effort, and hope that others will also write an autobiographical work that documents their personal feelings.
  • Who Else is There? on Nov. 06, 2011

    I found the author's treatment of the characters' relationships in Who Else Is There? to be very realistic. We generally seek out people who offer what we need. The main characters needed partners who were most similar to themselves. When one character became disabled, for example, he subsequently changed his love interest to favor another who was also disabled. Another character in Who Else Is There? falls out of love with a male character who changed to become unlike herself. She doesn't follow the trail of her feelings back to the origins of her needs. She instead gets drawn in with another male "twin." The sex and violence of police work led to some contemptible characters. The author didn't provide graphic descriptions for the most part, but let the reader fill in the blanks. Who Else Is There? was both an action-packed and unsettling read. I recommend it to people who read cop and action stories. The sequel, Suffer Little Children, is also now available.