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  • Forbidden Desire on Aug. 14, 2014

    A disappointing read, it's a pity I had to pay to discover that the author has much to learn about writing, a sample might have warned me off
  • The Accidental FiancĂ©e on Feb. 03, 2015

    I was hoping the issues between the two protagonists would be resolved before the end -- they weren't and this farcical tale was left hanging in a ridiculous state!
  • Fowled on Feb. 14, 2015

    I enjoyed this -- definitely not a chore to read, and I look forward to more from Marina. On the downside, it could have done with a little sub editing to correct misspelt and wrongly chosen words, but what mistakes there are do not obtrude too much.
  • Your Secret Keeper on Feb. 11, 2016

    This story looked to be interesting when I read the taster but I'm glad I paid the minimum for the entire tale because the writing and plot deteriorated rapidly by the halfway mark and never recovered. The ending was so poor that I'm inclined to think I would delete it from my Smashwords Library if I could. A definite thumbs down from me I'm afraid although not as bad as some I've read, so I'll give a couple of stars for the beginning.