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These writings are about the ancient spirits of Africa and new roads made by the explorers of the territory. No so much about the problems they may cause the spirits, but more about the solutions they could bring. Solutions to be found by three young people, Peter, Gimbo and Maggie, for they of all the inhabitants living in Luhonono were the only ones who could hear the roads talk. So to whom else would the roads tell their story?

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Smashwords book reviews by Hamilton Hill

  • Smashwords Book Marketing Guide on Jan. 03, 2013

    A bit repetitive but overall good and useful advice!
  • Thirty Minutes on Jan. 05, 2013

    I start off with this codicil; I do not like any stories written in the first person. In fact I abhor them, to the point where I normally shelve the book before I complete the first sentence. I purchased Thirty Minutes based on the cover description while sitting at the airport lounge. I read the first page on the plane and with no shelf available; I added a four letter word to the first sentence, that I’m sure the author would not have put there, and to my own amazement continued reading. Not just the first paragraph, but the entire story. I won’t say it was gripping, or the greatest story I have ever read but it was well written, believable and above all entertaining. To summarise, a good read! So what more could any reader want? As for my star rating, here’s the thing; I rate ‘O’ as being absolute rubbish and ‘5’ as being literary genus, based on that scale this story rates 2.5. – I give it a 3 only because the system does not allow half points.