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The writer has faced the ups and downs of life like the most of us, but perhaps, he felt it in a somewhat different way. He felt that we are pushed into difficult situations not by any kind of fate, but by our own doings. He has always felt that we, as humans with feeling, should be able to do better. This thinking, however controversial, persisted and a real solution did not come about until very recently. But first, a very simplified, yet illustrative, situation is narrated here, about our present situations.

An aspiring leader spends a fortune to get elected. After election, he is steeped into a cauldron of greed and corruption. The common man, who elected him, looks on with expectancy and hope that he will come out scathing white. Can we really blame anyone? It is the systems we have made for ourselves, which are to blame. We have, perforce, been obliged to create our own problems, for we found that we had no other option.

Money has become our moving factor and many thinking people are advocating a world without money, even on BBC, but the writer felt that doing away with the hard work people are putting in would hardly be acceptable. A system where effort is compensated and we improve upon what we have, is needed. Yet, the writer felt, that if we could remove this cauldron which often entices a man to do things which his conscience abhors, the result would be that we humans could have a Heaven right here, on this beautiful planet. The systems we have are old and outdated. If we decide to have real peace, freedom and happiness in a New World we can create, we can certainly do so without even breaking our step. We are in a position to achieve such such a phenomenal Goal as we now have the ability which we definitely did not, in the past.

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Only Two Ways Left
Price: Free! Words: 7,630. Language: English. Published: March 16, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Inspiration » Personal inspiration
We have only two ways left to us. We either continue in the way we are going and end up destroying ourselves, perhaps in the same way as quite a few advanced civilizations did in the past, or we nuke ourselves, or we survive by taking another road. The options we have are limited, but there is definitely a way out for us, and it is presented here in a very concise and well reasoned way.

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