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Jeff Napolitano's book series, The Cadillac River, centers around child abuse and the feelings of helplessness that one discovers when a victim they love is in trouble. With Jeff's Italian family background of big weddings and big families, he was able to take emotional experiences from his family to empower the characters he wrote about, while coupling that with his even more heartbreaking moments he learned while listening to the students he's taught.

Jeff Napolitano was born in Los Angeles, CA to native Californian parents. His grandparents, of Scotish, Irish, and Italian descent moved to the west coast in the early 40's. Jeff grew grew up in Los Angeles, California, and graduated from Cal State Fullerton, and holds two teaching credentials. Jeff taught elementary kids all the way up to high school seniors in public education in California since 1997.

With over ten years if experience in education, and an Emmy-award winning family that's worked on several major motion pictures and television shows, Jeff also pursued independent film and television production and currently has produced several recognizable commercials and broadcasts that have aired worldwide. But since then, Jeff has turned back to his true passion in writing.

Jeff hopes that you enjoy reading his lifelong work in the Cadillac River series.

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